6 Central and Eastern European Fashion Designers To Watch

In the vibrant mix of what makes Central and Eastern Europe appealing, fashion is steadily establishing itself as one of the ways in which this region makes its creative voice heard. With more and more designers and local brands gaining international recognition, it’s clear that in Central and Eastern Europe a new major fashion capital is in the making. With that thought in mind, let’s take a look at the following up and coming 6 designers:

Matija Čop, Croatia
A new addition to the fashion scene, Matija Čop combines the student life with the work of a designer. His designs, best described as “where fashion meets architecture”, make a striking impression. Matija Čop has exhibited his designs at various fashions shows and competitions, as well as at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.




Ágnes Kovács, Hungary
Working in the field of leather accessories, Ágnes Kovács has been nurturing her passion for leather under her brand launched in 2010, Ágnes Kovács leather design. Her signature design is a mix of clean cuts, simplicity and natural materials. In 2013, her minimalist bags brought her recognition by winning the prize in the Newcomer Accessories Category at the Central European Fashion Days.



Reet Aus, Estonia
Reet Aus’s designs are all about incorporating fashion with eco-friendliness. That is why all of her creations are made from ethically produced organic fabrics and upcycled materials. Through the process of upcycling, Reet Aus has been taking leftover textiles and converting them into new pieces of clothing that have been making a statement ever since 2005, under her label AusDesign.



Anna Dobek and Agata Macios, Poland
Anna Dobek and Agata Macios join their creative forces and work towards promoting minimalist and sustainable designs with their brand NON. Their debut collection means clean cuts, minimalism, high-quality and ethical consciousness resulting in stylish long-lasting garments.



Petra Ptackova, Czech Republic
Petra Ptackova defines her designs in terms of “magic realism”, a place where art and wearability compliment each other. Based currently in Prague and Paris, Petra Ptackova discovered her passion for old haute couture techniques during her studies in Paris. In her “magic realism” design she incorporates ludic elements, allowing you to adjust or change the size of the garments as you wish.



Răzvan Firea, Romania
Launching his first solo collection in 2011 at the age of 21, Răzvan Firea – with his brand Le Petit Indigent – is one of the promising young Romanian designers that are gaining popularity by the day. What characterizes his designs, in Răzvan Firea’s words, is balance between contrasts.