Allegra Nomad Gallery at Funnel Contemporary

Allegra Nomad Gallery at Funnel Contemporary
February 19 – march 4, 2015,
This winter we have done portraits, statues and newspapers

Nikolai Ghika, Horia Mina,Bogdan Vladuta


Opening february 19, 2015, 6-9 PM, Calea Victoriei 87-89, Bucharest


What brings together Bogdan Vladuta`s portraits, Horia Mina`s statues and Nikolai Ghika`s newspapers for this present show?We do not know and for sure dear viewer you know less.We could easily speak about content,concept,use of rigorously mastered techniques,recognition of influences,affinities,irony,well tempered vocabulary,awareness of expected reactions from your side,triggered spontaneous self sustained relations and so on,yet we will not.As long as the future of art criticism does not seem to depend on us we will not.


All we know is that this winter Bogdan Vladuta, Horia Mina and Nikolai Ghika have done portraits,statues and newspapers.As you like it,dear viewer…

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