Galateca Gallery, Bucharest​: Make Love Not Art

Make Love Not Art
​AUTHOR ROOM Dan Raul Pintea
Galateca Gallery​

In order to provide health education and healthy nutrition of the population, in the public exhibition of 14 February 2015, Dan R
​aul​ Pintea require modification of modification of Article 138, para. 5 of the Code regulating audiovisual content.
The warning messages to be broadcast are:

” For a healthy life , consume art daily . ”
” For a healthy life , make love at least 30 minutes daily . ”
” Keep Calm and Make Love”
” Make Love Not Art”
The new decision amending the Code regulating audiovisual content requires warnings to run alternately during the day , at the end of each video advertising . Galateca Contemporary Art Gallery will exhibit their interpretation by the artist throughout the month of February starting with Valentine’s Day and culminating with Dragobete in an exhibition of art that aims to emphasize the decisive role of love in everything we do.

Dan Raul Pintea (b.1981) is an independent romanian reformed artist, that lives and works in Sibiu.
In 2004 graduated fine arts at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj Napoca (RO), were he also sustained his MA in 2006. He worked there for a year as an Silskscreen Tehnician, but seeing that can’t develop personal projects he returned home, to prioritize his thoughts.
Aware of their power he quickly becamed interested in expressing them trough direct, efficient, visual tools. His work and overall approach to art is rather untypical but at the same time they reflect inoculation situation in culture and society.
Since 2007 he exhibited at Sala Dalles (RO), Ivan Gallery (RO), 26 Gallery (RO), Anca Poterasu Gallery (RO), Victoria Art Centre (RO),Trypthycon (DE), 115 Gallery (RO), Tempelhof Hangars (DE), Visual Kontakt (DE), Program Gallery (PL), Pavilion (RO), Studiobruck (RO),Steambox (IRL), Atelier 030202 (RO)
From 2010 he was represented by Anca Potersau Gallery, with whom he participated at the Preview Berlin Art Fai​r​ ​​