A retrospective exhibition of installations and environments of Vessna Perunovich and exhibition of video and photo installations of Bojo Vasic

Curator: Svetlana Mladenov

Opening: June 8 at 19.00

Vessna Perunovich narrates the human history of conflict, borders and bloodshed with her multi disciplinary survey exhibition Borderless: Elastic Memory. Working within the interdisciplinary practice consisting of installation, video, photography, sculpture, drawing and performance, Vessna Perunovich is challenging the notion of borders and limitations existing on both personal and universal level, and examining the possibility of crossing cultural, social, religious as well as political barriers. Boja Vasic is presenting his photography and video works with the exhibition Displacement. Through his work Vasic explores the global issues of migration, the relationships between east and west, as well as the new forms of temporary setlments built by forced «Nomads» in their search for better life.