International weekend: Igor Bošnjak

BHS from Igor Bošnjak on Vimeo.

Igor Bošnjak

Born 1981 in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia.
Author and the curator of the international project.
In addition to the art of painting, he has delved into the area of concept, new media art, experimental film and video.
Also works as a freelance theorist and reflects on the new theoretical and art platforms in the domain of film, video and cyberspace.
Curently works as a asistant professor at Academy of fine arts in Trebinje at department of painting and as a coordinator on subjects
of intermedia and photography. Lives and works in Trebinje (Bosnia&Herzegovina).


2000-2005 BFA Paintings, Academy of Fine Arts Trebinje, University of East Sarajevo
2007-2008 MA Theory of Art and Media, Interdisciplinary Department, University of Arts, Belgrade
2008-2012 PhD Theory of Art and Media, Interdisciplinary Department, University of Arts, Belgrade

important awards:
2010 Finalist of ZVONO Young Visual Artist Award 2010, Sarajevo Center  for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo
2007 First award for Experimantal Video, 4th Video Salon, Velenje

selected solo exhibitions:
2011  Image / Time, Museum Of Contemporary Art RS, Banja Luka
2011  Aestheticism of Politics, Art Center UBSM – University Library, Belgrade
2010  Balkanication, Duplex Gallery, Sarajevo
2010  Smoking ‘n’ Rolling Tobacco, (3 day performance) in front of Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
2009  PainThings, Gallery Josip Bepo Benković, Herceg Novi
2008  Paintings Of Inner Necessity, Gallery Academy of Fine Arts, Trebinje
2007  Untitled, Gallery Most, Podgorica
2006  Emotionaly Landscapes, Museum of Herzegovina, Trebinje
2005  Metaphisics Of Shadow, Gallery Koncept, Mostar

selected group exhibitions and screenings:
Forum di Ancona / Culture as resource and value / Foyer Teatro delle Muse di Ancona, Ancona, IT
The End And Beyond  / 17th Week of Contemporary Art, Art Today Association, Centre for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, BL (cur. Vera Mlechevska)
More Than Bodies, Videoplay 2010, Visual Container Project, Milan, IT (cur. Silvio De Gracia)
45th Bora’s Week, Exhibition of Contemporary Art, National Museum, Vranje, SR (cur. Jelena Veljkovic)
Budapest Art Fair / Heroes Corner-The Best Of The East, Mucsarnok, Budapest, HU (cur. Pierre Courtin)
B&H Video Scene / Presentation, Kunst Museum, Bonn, DE (cur. Asja Hafner)
Zvono Finalist Award 2010 Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art RS, Banja Luka, BA (cur. Maja Abdomerovic, Dunja Kukovec)
Spa Port Biennial / Exposures, Biennial exhibition of contemporary art, Cajavec Building, Banja Luka, BA (cur. Antonia Majaca, Ivana Bago)
Nuit Blanche / Balkan Video-Box, Point Ephemere, Paris, FR (cur. Pierre Courtin)
Festarte Videoart Festival / Spazio Monitor, Macro Testaccio, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, IT
Real Presence 2001-2010, Museum of Belgrade City / Konak Kneginje Ljubice, Belgrade, SR (cur. Dobrila Denegri)
BH Video Art, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, SI (cur. Igor Bosnjak)
Keine Angst! / No Fear, Tapetenwerk Halle C, Leipzig, DE (cur. Ruta Virbickaite, Zane Zajančkauska, Martina Zuzaňáková, Igor Sovilj)
P’silo Project, Festival Images Contre Nature, Théâtre des Chartreux, Marseille, FR
Virion Project, H-Block Gallery, Brisbane, AU
Invent Tura, Interdisciplinary Art Project, Terzic Gallery Banja Luka, BKC Gallery Mostar, BA (cur. Karin Rolle, Sybilla Hausmann)
Video Loop, CAM Casoria, Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, IT
Streaming Festival, BoekHorststraat 139 Gallery, Hague, NL
SUB Documents, Charlama Depo Gallery project, Skenderija Shopping mall, Sarajevo, BA (cur. Jusuf Hadzifejzovic)
Dublin Electronic Arts Festival DEAF, Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin, IR (cur. Vladan Petkovic)
Arte Ciencia Innovacion, Espacio Center Canarias, Tenerife, ES
Art Verona 09, A+A Galerie from Venice presents Contemporary art scene from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Verona, IT (cur. Aurora Fonda, Claudia Zini)
III Kratkofil International Short Film Festival, National Theatre Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, BA
Query in Situ & On Line Project, Exhibition in Public spaces Query OnLine, Munich, DE
The Imaginary Pavillion of Bosnia&Herzegovina, Galleria d’ Arte Moderna Palazzo Forti, Verona, IT (cur. Aurora Fonda, Claudia Zini)
ARS Kozara, 3th Art in Nature Laboratorij, Prijedor, BH (cur. Marta Angelini, Claudia Zini)
Video Play 09, Electronic and Sensitive, Visual Container Project, Milan, IT (cur. Silvio De Gracia)
Video Art Festival, Konsthall Gallery, Orebro, SE (cur. Igor Bosnjak)
I Spa Port Biennial, Annual exhibition of contemporary art, Tereza Building, Banja Luka, BA (cur. Ana Nikitovic)
Balkan House Cinema Festival, Kriterion Foundation, Amsterdam, NL
VideoPlay 07, VII International festival of video & performance, Gallery Instituto de Humanidades, Santjago de Chile, CL (cur. Silvio De Gracia)
2th International biennial of photography, Gallery of Art Pavillon ULUCG, Podgorica, CG (cur. Aleksandar Cilikov)
Real Presence 07, Gallery Remont, Belgrade, SR (cur. Dobrila Denegri, Biljana Tomic)
Visual Dislocation, International exhibition of contemporary art, Museum of Contemporary Art RS, Banja Luka, BA (cur. Protok)
Floating Sites Real Presence, Gallery mKm Magacin, Belgrade, SR (cur. Dobrila Denegri, Biljana Tomic)
Clovek Spomenik, 4th Video Salon, City Gallery, Velenje, SI
Alternative Film Video Festival, Festival of Film and New Video, DKSG, Belgrade, SR
V Inport, Polymer Culture Factory, Warm Studio, Talin, ES
Real Presence 06, Main Exhibiton, Gallery of Legacy House, Belgrade, SR (cur. Biljana Tomic)
The Mediatized Body, Hotel Dada, Buenos Aires, AR (cur. Silvio De Gracia)
7th Anymous New Media Exhibition, City Gallery of Pilzen, Pilsen, CZ (cur. Michal Crysl)
VI KEF Exhibition of short electronic forms, Gallery of cultural center REX, Belgrade, SR
In Place of Fear, Student Cultural Center SKC, VIP Art Gallery, Belgrade, SR