International weekend: Jan Padyšák

Jan Padyšák

I graduated on Academy of fine arts in Prague, studio of drawing, 2008. I live and work in Prague. My work consists of sculpting and animation.

I create things which I want to see. After experimenting with more medias i decided for sculpting, because basicly it is mostly atracting me.
I mean, that sculptures and objects should be the most comunicable medias in era of flowing images.
My work is not one-sided, sometimes i use my own body which i duplicate thousands and thousands times and make endless 3D animation of it, sometimes I use profile of czech president and create his continuous profile by Bertelli.
In my last work, the pieces series, on which I am continuously working on I increase small pieces of different plastic materials in its own shapes to monumental dimension

From graduation 2008 till now working on Academy of fine arts in Prague as external lector 2008-2009 cooperating on sculpture with Czech artist and teacher Veronika Bromová
From 2009 resident of Trafačka studios, Prague,
From 2010 working on project for Academy of fine arts in Prague, which aims to create new
studio of digital technologies usefull for sculpting and sculpture restoring, from 2010 works also as developer of new methods for sculpture restoring, cooperating with
scientists and Czech Technical University in Prague


11+2, Bludný kámen, Opava, 2007
AVU 18, Veletržní palác, national gallery, Prague 2007
Diplomanti AVU, Veletržní palác, national gallery, Prague, 2008
Vše dobré, kino OKO, Prague, 2009
Dobře naprogramovaný hnětač, Hala C, Prague, 2009
Concerted participation at Sculpture Grande 2009, Prague, unrealized
Festival of political songs, Sokolov, Czech republic, 2010


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