International weekend: Mariana Evmolpidou

Mariana Evmolpidou moved to UK in 2005 to complete an MA in Illustration & Graphics at University for the Creative Arts in Kent, after graduating from Vakalo
Fine Arts University, Athens, Greece. The same year, she authored and illustrated the children’s and adults’ book “In her shoes”. Between 2006 and 2008, she lived in London, working as a freelance illustrator on various projects and as a resident graphic designer at Dorling Kindersley of the Penguin Group. She exhibited her work in various group exhibitions in galleries and art spaces around London and Athens. Currently she is illustrating a biography book, which will be published in mid 2012.

Mariana uses mixed techniques in her artwork. She collects anything that comes to her attention and intrigues her imagination. She re-establishes the identity
of already-made objects through their re-use, re-arrangement and fragmentation.

Through her work, she attempts to examine the dematerialization of the human existence with images of repetitive uneven human figures. Her mixed media creations embody the human imperfection. She’s emphasizing on the necessity of the magazines’ beauty deconstruction and misconception by disfiguring her human characters. She challenges the propaganda of magazine and media perfection. Mariana’s work strives to redefine and re-establish the importance of human fragility.

Mariana currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Selected group exhibitions
2006  “The New; Illustration & Graphics”, University College for the Creative Arts, London, UK
2007 “Illustration”, Penguin Books Ltd, London, UK
2008 “Contemporary Art & Design”, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK
“b Creative”, Ypovrixio magazine, Stavlos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

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