Karlin Studios, Prague: Death is cool

Opening on Saturday, October 31rd at 7 pm



Artists / Umělci:
Eugenio Percossi
Josef Čechota

19.00: Opening 

When we use shortcuts and symbols as frequently as we do, we bastardise them. They lose their original meaning. No longer are we able to perceive them in their original state, they have now taken on new forms of existence.
Artists Eugenio Percossi and Josef Čechota want to cause controversy. They want us to stop and reconsider what meanings have been lost.

Exhibition on display until December 6th.

20.00: fashion performance

Models, shadow make-up, festive hairstyles, illusive music, gloomy light, silent movement. Death.
Choreography by Martin Goga.
Make-up supervising by Nikola Brůžková.
Hair design and hair products PAUL MITCHEL supervised by Aneta Vaňová – art director for Paul Mitchell.