Noima, researching in Vienna


Noima, researching in Vienna


360º Vienna – experiment. Painting, drawing, photography.


The four painters of Noima group, present in Vienna, have proposed to themselves -during several workshops – a dialogue with the surrounding space, during a period of given time. The collective perspective- the “Big eye”, beyond giving solutions to space expression, poses the problems of sharing experiences, and identity issues. “One, but not the same”. A special key on some issues brought poetically to attention in the past by the works of Jan Dibbets, Flondor and Sigma, Klee or Hockney.


After several work sessions following an agreed direction and other free directions, Noima is in search of collective visual experiences. There are four kinds of personal perspectives to see, to overlap, to express a same space seen all around at a same time period. A time lived together, as sum of successive spins where each painter arrives in the fresh visual field which had just been left by his colleague. The project Noima 360º continues, and Vienna brings only the first experience for Noima in this path.


360º Vienna – museum tour

Noima and a few supporters of the group saw in this coming out an opportunity to get acquainted output (source) and to dialogue about the rich visual heritage of the capital of the Austrian state, about some private collections and temporary exhibitions in Vienna today: Velasquez, Bruegel, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Johns, Warhol, Richter … Supporters of the group have been present for a few days in Vienna in order to benefit from a more applied perspective over the classical and modern painting, over the understanding of contemporary art, of the process of making a painting, and its exposure, and finally of exploiting a work of art.


360º Vienna – contemporary art

For Noima, Vienna 360º also meant the thought of having a broader perspective on contemporary art. Without claiming a broad coverage of the phenomenon, because it was impossible to get a 360º in a few days, Noima returns in its workshops with a full bag of knowledge. The painters had several meetings with gallery owners, curators and colleagues active in Vienna. It is to be add also the “lecture” of some extensive contemporary curatorial efforts at Kunsthalle or Essl Museum (“The Future of Memory” and “The Future of Painting. A perspective”).


Vienna – reunion

The group Noima is taking into consideration a possible exhibition in Vienna in the autumn of this year. Ciprian Bodea and Sorin Scurtulescu will be present at the end of this month in Stuttgart, where will be launched a cultural partnership between several European countries, partnership inside which Noima group have been also included.