Open call for texts about the transformation of urban public spaces in Moldova in collaboration with the Association of Young Artists “Oberliht” launches an open call for texts that investigate the transformation of urban public spaces in Moldova within the last 20 years.

The contributions shall tackle subjects such as:

degradation of existing public spaces (parks, sports and cultural infrastructure, recreational areas, courtyards between blocks and playgrounds etc.) as a result of the retreat of public authorities from the process of administration of public spaces.

privatization/fencing of public property

growth of the number of cars in the city

internal migration from villages towards the city and growth of industry of residential buildings construction

commercialization and use for commercial purposes of the public space, which resulted in the explosion of visual street publicity and street commerce, appearance of mobile spots for sale of goods (newspapers, bakery items, cigarettes, alcohol, clothing, fast food, cvas and soft drinks etc.)

substitution of public function (recreation, socialization, rest, artistic activities) of public spaces with profit activities (parks, public toilets, sources of water etc.)

exclusion of the citizens of the city from the decisional process regarding urban policies, development of the city, establishing priorities for financing projects at local level etc.

commercialization of the city center and appearance, in this area, of some grand commercial projects – Sun City (mall), Skytower (offices), Nobil Hotel (hotel services), residential complex Grand Plaza.

destruction of the historical center of the city and of its social tissue.

Keeping of a political and moral control over the public space (visibility policies) which contributed to the marginalization and exclusion from public space of some groups that don’t fit into the “normal/decent” – people without stable home, beggars, prostitutes, people with behavior of alcohol or drug addiction etc.

Emergence and development of social and urban activism movements which attempted by various means (protests, media campaigns, actions for rehabilitation) to oppose to these processes.

The texts should have the size of 10-15 thousand characters in Romanian, Russian or other language of international circulation.

The articles should be sent to the following addresses or

This call is part of project Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy and is supported by European Cultural Foundation.

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