SPACES: I Chisinau – a city in transformation

I Chisinau – a city in transformation – exhibition

opening: August 14 2014, 7 pm

period: August 14-26, 2014

Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale)

Al. Sciusev str. 103, Chisinau

The exposition of photography I Chisinau – a city in transformation includes the works of several authors, residents of Chisinau, but also the works of those who had the opportunity to spend several weeks or months in the city, as part of KIOSK artist in residency program. Their works document the changes and transformations through which the capital of the new state, which appeared after the fallout of USSR, is passing.

The theme of the exhibition, as it is reflected in its title, tackles the problem of the way the urban space was shaped within the last years and in which the residents of Chisinau live, spend their time and participate in various activities, and how this place influences the social relations and the daily practices – how it shapes us as collectivity and how we are related to it as individuals.

The public space, which can be otherwise understood as a common space – the one that offers the premises for shaping a responsible society and one ready to assume the act of governing the common goods, constitutes the main subject that was proposed by the initiators of this exhibition.

The artists, through documentary photography and some performances documented on video, present new perspectives on the socialist model of organizing the urban space, which we inherited from the Soviet period, along with the transformations through which this model of organization of public and private life had to pass during the last two decades. In their works there can be observed how the old spatial model adapts to the new economic conditions and political realities, determined by flux of capital and private interests, which prevail upon the public interest.

The exhibition is part of the series of projects under the title Chisinau Civic Center and appeals to the residents of Chisinau to be aware of the importance which the public space can have in shaping a lively, open and responsible community.


Valeria BARBAS


Michal HOLY





Vladimir US

This event is part of CHISINAU CIVIC CENTER – people’s park program:

This event is organized in the frame of the EU project SPACES. The SPACES project is financed by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme. Additionally, it receives support from European Cultural Foundation.

SPACES (Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries) project assembles artists and cultural workers in four Eastern partner countries, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, who aim at reflecting societal issues in the public realm of their city. It also aims at strengthening the independent art and culture scene.