ZPACE: CIty and Culture #1 conference

City and Culture
A series of presentations in the frame of the Public Space Libraryprogram
January 28, 2015, 5 pm
Zpace (Al. Sciusev str. 103, Chisinau)


Independent culture, social art and people’s movements in the postsocialist transition.
Several examples and openings


In the period of post-communist transition, in Eastern Europe, the independent cultural sector has been the main producer of contemporary culture, although it was mostly ignored by the cultural industry, journalism, and even by the academic field. I will present several significant examples from Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Serbia, and Turkey, which illustrate the fact that from this area there have also been generated the first confluences with the field of people’s movements, in order to open in the end the discussion on the independent sector in Moldova and its possibilities.


Ovidiu TICHINDELEANU is a philosopher and theorist of culture. He is co-founder of the independent magazine Philosophy&Stuff (1997-2001), co-founder of platforms Indymedia Romania (2004), CriticAtac.ro (2010), LeftEast (2012).


Beyond the participation in the cultural field: a democratic issue?


Increasingly, many artists claim associating the inhabitants to their creative work. Often grouped under the term of “Participatory art”, this current actually includes very heterogeneous practices. From the experience of the association “Les Têtes de l’Art” based in the south of France in Marseille (member of the ECF program “Connecting Culture, Communities and democracy”), we will try together to analyze the meaning of these practices but the purpose of these proceedings. This short intervention will start a one year process and seminars around this question…


Since 1991, Samir Khebizi has devoted himself to both the cultural and socio-cultural domains after his studies in the National dramatic arts school of Marseille. From 1996, he founded and took over management of the association “Les Têtes de l’Art”, a major structure in the south of France working in the domain of mediation and support for participatory art initiatives and in consultancy and training of key players linked to this field.


These presentations are part of a series of presentations, City and Culture organized by the Public Space Library, supported by the European Cultural Foundation in the frame of Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy program.