1st edition of the Biennial for Emerging Arts Romania

Bucharest/October 16-19/ Arthale/ free entrance

1st edition of the Biennial for Emerging Arts Romania

Communist factory turned into performance space


New wave artists will provoke the public on critical topics, during their performances at Combinatul Fondului Plastic – a space that used to be a communist factory producing statues and flags for the dictatorship.

The six artists selected at the Biennial have lived in Bucharest for two weeks, where they worked with Farid Fairuz and Tania El Khoury.

Dawn P. Robinson will reenact part of a refugee experience/
Jérémie Pujau will use scientific data to provoke reflections on the disappearance of humanity/ Bryndís Björnsdóttir was on a Frontex ship on the Mediterranean Sea and will use her experience during the performance/ Axelle Pinot will spend one night with several Romanians and base the performance on the findings/ Amanda Doherty will approach the status of women in Ireland/ Diego Cibelli will offer a solution for social well-being.

The event will be opened by the daring installation of Tania El Khoury (Gardens Speak) and a performance of Farid Fairuz (You might as well have sung the Swedish national anthem).

“Such approaches have long existed in the UK, Belgium, France. Now, the Romanian public will be able to see them in their country without needing to travel abroad. Moreover, they can discover this art in a factory where they used to create the statues and flags for the dictator Ceausescu”, says Ioana Păun, Artistic Director of the Biennial.

Details: http://www.emergingarts.eu/