A Glimpse into the Urban Life in Budapest

Situated on the banks of the beautiful Danube River, Budapest is a picturesque city filled with history, culture and a lively urban feel. From the many museums and architectural gems to the popular boat ride along the river, there is always something to do in the city. Budapest has also garnered reputation in the world of art and design as one of the best places in Eastern Europe to keep in touch with the newest trends. We will take the less trodden path along the city and explore its best art and design places.

Contemporary Art. As an established cultural hub, Budapest offers a lot of opportunities for those interested in new contemporary art, particularly in the works of eastern European artists. Hungary’s most important collection of contemporary art is located at the Ludwig Museum, in a stunning modern building. Displaying a large array of Central and Eastern Europe of the past 50 years, the museum places a particular emphasis on Hungarian artworks. Valuable pieces of American pop art are also part of the permanent exhibition.


Budapest is also home to many established art galleries, like Ani Molnár Gallery which focuses on  promoting emerging as well as established artisits. Their exhibitions feature a range of media, with installation art beeing often present in the exhibition space.


Ottó Vincze: Cognitive rescue, 2010, site specific installation, Paksi Képtár, Photo: Miklós Sulyok, Courtesy of the artist and Ani Molnár Gallery

Design. From concept shops to fairs, the design scene in Budapest is flourishing. Mono Art & Design is one of the places that brings together art and design and is all at once gallery, concept store, exhibition space and design shop.


Photo by Milan Gaspar and kissmiklos

Delve further into this side of Budapest by exploring designer stores of the up-and-coming generation. Ágnes Kovács is one of the young and talented new wave of designers, having made a name for herself with her minimal, clean-cut leather goods.


With a mix of vintage&design, Retrock is also a design store worth a visit.


When one of Budapest’s beautiful inner yards dating from the 19th becomes a home for designers, it surely becomes a place to keep in mind. Paloma houses showrooms, galleries that sometimes serve as pop-up stores and many designer events in a bid to bridge the gap between designers and customers.


There are also design markets to keep in mind. Roughly once a month, WAMP Design Fair brings together local designers in a community-style event where they can showcase their works. In addition, once per year, WAMP goes international and invites design professionals from all over the world to join in.


Relax. Coffee has played a central part in Budapest life and it continues to do so. With the developments of the design scene, coffee shops are picking up the trends and setting up a new experience. The new wave roast at Fekete is one of those places.


Budapest is a city of many places to explore and it surely doesn’t fall short on the art and design chapter. It has established itself as a significant hub in the Central and Eastern European scene.