Aiurart Contemporary Art Space: The Spring Well 2

The Spring Well 2

Dumitru Gorzo / Gheorghe Rasovszky

01.07 – 17.09.2016

Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | 21, Lirei St., Bucharest

Opening: Friday, 01.07.2016, 7 p.m.


“The Spring Well 2 (blest by Dumitru and Gheorghe at Aiurart in the summer of 2016) is not the same as the little White Flag, which wrongly symbolizes the idea of burying the hatchet or of surrendering before a chimeric army made up largely of cultural dwarfs, straddling debilitated intuitions, growing tired faster than this century in which any outpost conceals a post-intellectualist post-movement.

I asked Gorzo whether as an artist it is better to be vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater (unlike me, he travels the world whereas I only go fishing). He told me that as an artist you’re rather more like a ship, you lade here, you unload there, without understanding much of anything and then you start all over again, you gain experience and, possibly, become choiceful; you’re getting trampled on by all sorts of individuals. Admittedly, you trample oceans and whales!

And why would it be better if painting died? Gorzo’s question blew in like a breeze. A fireman told me, I whispered to him, that if painting no longer burns it means it’s no longer interesting and needs to die (it’s transcendental and reincarnates etc. anyway). I have thought about this and I believe a guillotine should be used, either mechanical or electric, or something of the kind, in any case, an installation.

Important or unimportant is that this debate does not tug in sculpture, nor even painting as ancestral matrix, but rather the proteins contained by painting which are so indispensable to a balanced lifestyle.”

(Translation: Mihaela Ghita)