Alert Studio: Folds and Scaffolds

June 5 – June 19
Jun 5 at 7 PM to Jun 19 at 7 PM

“Folds and scaffolds” explores the relationship between the unravelled aesthetic character of organic material and the way it can be revealed within an artistic practice. In this constellation, the image is addressed in two ways. One way is to consider the image as recognizable entity by way of form and our mental understanding of it. The other way is to see it as the result dictated by the inner rules of the material. Matter becomes the medium; it is the guide to the production of image. It has its own states and embedded rules. Some can be only partially preset while other only become visible within the artistic practice.
The installation uses this as a departure point in artistic research. Objects obtained from bacterial cultures are made, selected and arranged. The assemblage contains Kombucha films with two types of interventions, yielding different visual results. The growing process of the bacterial colony is interfered with: choosing the growing medium, attacks with other bacteria, fungus, chemical agents etc. The dried Kombucha membrane is altered with processes such as oxidized drawings, photographic exposures, form manipulation. These dynamic procedures create uncertainty regarding the integrity of matter and its origins as a living being.
(Floriama Cândea)