AndrÄ Kunst, Graz: Light, Passion and Memory

Light, Passion and Memory

Eine Licht-Installation von HR-Stamenov

AndrÄ Kunst – zeitgenössische Kunst im Sakralraum, Graz

18.02.2015 – 03.04.2015
Opening: 6:30 pm February 18

In the Middle Ages, during the Lent Time (40 days before Easter – a time of fastening and penitence), a custom of the Catholic Church was to cover all precious crosses (cruces gemmata) with a textile cloth. At the late years of this period and during the Baroque Time, this intention was developed, that also the altar paintings should be covered. The Idea behind this ritual is, that all the senses should be included in a Fasten-Intention. Fastening with the eyes!


The textile cloth covering the Altar and the Cross did not remain empty or simple. By the time, artists have been invited do decorate the covering textile with motifs of the Lord´s Passion. This was the beginning of the so called “Fasten-Tücher”.


In 2015 during the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, the light artist HR-Stamenov will intervene in St. Andrä church by replacing the “Fastentuch” with a blinding, pure and spontaneous Light.
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