ART MY WORDS will open în Cărturești Carusel

The exhibition ART MY WORDS will be open în Cărturești Carusel library on November 1st

The journey of the exhibition ART MY WORDS in Bucharest is close to its end. After being displayed in 3 other Cărturești libraries in the capital starting 6th October (Verona, Park Lake și Mega Mall), the exhibition will open on November 1st in Cărturești Carusel (Lipscani 55), where it will stay until November 10th, visiting hours 13:00 – 21:00. The VR experience included in the exhibition will be available on 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th November, within the same visiting hours.

This will be the last display of the exhibition in the capital, so we look forward to seing you there to discover 5 innovative video works that illustrate, using a mixed artistic language, literary fragments from novels written by Matei Vișniec, Zeruya Shalev, Jonathan Franzen, Veronica D. Niculescu and Robert Prosser. The visual artists that sign the video works are Vali Chincișan, Diana Lemnaru, Oana Vasile, Marina Albu, Ana Gemescu, Ștefan Morozan, Alexandra Ivanciu, Andra Tarara, Andreea Vlăduț, Andrei Goran, Cristian Drăgan, Sabina Popescu, Adelina Gavrilă, Andreea Dobre and Daniel Florea.

ART MY WORDS is an interdisciplinary collaborative art project in which 15 young artists from Bucharest explored the visual dimensions of the written word, re-mapping the literary universe of 5 contemporary authors in a new imagistic one. Over approximately 40 days, the young artists collaborated with important figures of the contemporary international scene in literature, developing, within a strongly interactive frame, a series of video works that illustrate excerpts from the works of the authors involved in the project.

ART MY WORDS is a cultural project created by DU-NE Cultural Association, funded by Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB – The Cultural Center of Bucharest within the „București Oraș Participativ” Cultural Program, supported by SAMSUNG, the Austrian Cultural Forum, Polirom, Cărturești, UNATC – National University of Theatre and Cinema Art I.L. Caragiale through CINETic center, The National Art University in Bucharest. Media partners:, Radio România Cultural, Zeppelin, Designist, IQAds, Igloo,, Artclue, We Art, Cooperativa Urbana.