ART on DISPLAY @ Kube Musette: The Dream

Elena Dumitrescu

The Dream / August



Opening: Monday, August 22, h:19:00

ART on DISPLAY @ Kube Musette

Calea Victoriei 114, Bucharest

Elena Dumitrescu’s art belongs to a school of neo-Expressionist, figurative sculpture and to her profound relationship with Greek-Roman Classicism, from where its impeccable technique and observation derives. Tradition and discipline, two concepts that the artist leans on, have solid roots in Bucharest sculpture school, and her Italian experience structured her research over ancient tradition, enriching her art in a solar overflow.

The sensitivity and delicacy of clay modeling is perfectly balanced with materials’ strictness and consistency, the severity of her themes is attenuated by playfulness that never leaves forms. Today, she is one of the important artists and teachers, and her work deserves all the attention of those who can enjoy a humanistic approach in an era of technology.

(Simona Vilău, curator)

More details on the artist can be found here

ART on DISPLAY project, initiated and organised by Ephemair Association in 2014, is reflecting the Romanian contemporary art realities through the window of the shops displays placed in unused or unsafe buildings for the public access, activating Bucharest urban spaces and signaling the never-ending issue of urban comfort in the city through artists interventions and site specific installations.