Curator: Mihai ZgondoiuArtists: Linda Barkasz, Arina Bican, Ion Bîrlădeanu, Sergiu Chihaia, Ioana Ciocan, Ciprian Ciuclea, Mihail Coșulețu, Lavinia Crețu, Ștefan Radu Crețu, Gabi Stamate, Grig, Irlo, Radu Oreian, Dan Raul Pintea, Obie Platon, Cătălin Precup, Adrian Preda, Aurel Tar, Casandra Vidrighin, Mihai Zgondoiu.

30th of September – 30th of October

Exhibition opening: Friday, 30th of September, 19:00, ATELIER 030202,Str. Sfânta Vineri nr. 11, Bucharest

„On the 30th of September 2016, after an outer-space journey of almost thirteen light years, the Rosetta probe will conclude its mission with a controlled crash landing on the 67p/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet.It will photograph for the first time the active volcanic craters of the comet that are larger than 100m in diameter and are 50 to 60m in depth.Patrick Martin, the manager of the Rosetta ESA mission states: „It was a pioneering mission that is coming to its end and has most surely left its mark from a tehnical, scientific and public stand point as beeing a remarcable success, with incredible achievement, which contributes to our current and future understanding of the solar system.” The exhibition „Cosmic Scenay” has no direct connections to the Rosetta spacecraft, but it salutes admiringly its mission through geographical and nostalgic scenaries from within. Or not! Mihai Zgondoiu

COSMIC SCENARY is an exclusive NAG#10 event. / www.atelier030202.blogspot.rofacebook event:

Organizer: ATELIER 030202Parteners: Teatrul de Comedie, Asociaţia Euro CulturArtMedia Partners:, Radio România Cultural, ArtClue, Revista ARTA,,, ArtWal