Atelier 030202: Clouds & Memories / Eugeniu Tibuleac


Eugeniu Țibuleac

May 4 – June 4 2017
Opening: 4th of May 2017, 7pm, ATELIER 030202
(Sala Nouă TC), 11 Sfânta Vineri  Street, Bucharest

“Through stone sculpture, which is one of my essential preoccupations in the visual arts, I seek the relationship between matter, form and space. The stone clouds series, Clouds & Memories, made by the direct carving of marble and travertine, reveals organic volumes with a natural look that seem to be light and vaporous despite their heaviness.” (Eugeniu Țibuleac)

Eugeniu Țîbuleac was born on 6 August 1991, in the town Rîșcani, Republic of Moldova. He’s a graduate of The Faculty of Arts and Design, from Timisoara, having a masters degree in sculpture. During his study period, he participated in sculpture symposiums and group exhibitions, as “The International Biennale of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, Arad”(2014), “The international Symposium of Wood Sculpture, Arad”(2015), “The Wood Sculpture Symposium – Intersection and Sense, Arad”(2016), “The Challenges of the Solid, UNAgaleria, Bucharest”(2016). At the Gala of Graduates event, organized by The Faculty of Arts and Design, from Timisoara (2016), he received the awards for sculpture and the award of Herczeg Foundation.