AUTHORS from all over the world are coming to Bucharest


The international contemporary jewelry fair AUTOR takes place o the 7th and 8th of November. For the first time, artists from Nicaragua, Canada, South Korea and Japan will join us in Bucharest, along with designers from Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia, The U.S., Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Argentina, Great Britain and Romania. More than 70 jewelry collections from 5 different continents will be showcased at Sala Dalles in Bucharest.


Adelina Petcan, Amira Jalet, Ana Bragança, Ana Barbu / UZURA, Ana Marchetanu, Anca Popescu, Andra Lupu, Andreea Mogoșanu, Andreia Popescu, Arina Antonova, Arina Nițulescu, Blackout label, Carol Eunji Kim, Cleopatra Cosuleț, Contemporia, Corina Fakesch, Corina Mardari, Cristina Radu, Cubici Corina Florina, Daniella Saraya, Davide Zambon, Diana Vasile / Temper, Diana Drăgan-Chirilă, Doru Dumitrescu, Elena Ristovska, Elinor Cohen, Gabriela Secărea, Hitomi Kumagawa, Ioana Ardelean, Ioana Enache, Ioana Panaitescu, Irina Moise, Isabela Groza, Iulia Ivan, Iza Vișoianu, Kalina Filcheva, Kinsley Vey Design, Laura Munteanu, Letizia Maggio, Liana Sălăgean, Lisa ChiaTzu Kuo, Loredana Cleja, Lucienne’s, Luiza Teodorescu, Mădălina Marinescu, Maria Jose Ocon, Mariana Tănăsescu, Marie Guerrier, Mark Newman, Martina Singerová, Mihaela Ivana, Monica Stănescu, Monique Lecouna, Nevers, Noha Nicolescu, Polina Dimitrova, Quasi Caramelle, Rada Ureche, Raluca Buzura, Roxana Hodorog, Saskia Van der Knoll, Simeon Shomov, Simona Ghiga, Stephanie Elderfield, Teodora Rus, Utopic Art, Wagner Arte, Zest.

Recommended by Andreea Esca

Recomandat de Andreea Esca

You have been admiring her for 20 years and you can recognise her voice any time. She is an AUTOR icon. You’ve guessed it! Andreea Esca will choose her favourite pieces at the fair: the ones that make her vibrate and that she can relate to. You can recognise them at the fair by the label “Recommended by Andreea Esca”.

AUTHORS are always awarded!

The awesome designer of the edition will receive the AUTOR Awesome Award and the opportunity to attend a contemporary jewelry class at Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence.

More awards:

Assamblage School Award – The only contemporary jewelry school in Bucharest is offering a jewelry course to a talented young designer.

Krama Award – The newest of the prizes, recently established at the spring edition, consists of a jewelry course at Krama Institute of Contemporary Jewelry in Athens.

ELLE Award – ELLE fashion editors will extensively feature the chosen designer in the next issue of the most successful fashion magazine in Romania.

AUTHORS who choose the People’s Choice Award That’s you! Everyone present at the fair will be able to vote for the “People’s Choice Award” that gives the chosen designer the chance to automatically take part in the next edition of AUTOR. It’s a very important task, that’s why one of the visitors who voted for the winning designer will get the chance to win a jewel created by the designer.

AUTHORS who designed the exhibition

The exhibition set-up: an unexpected combinations of materials, colours and textures is realised by Architect Florin Enache backing technics along with our partners Holver and Caparol.


At the fair you will also get to see Cătălin Oanccea’s sculptures from THE THINGS series (Monocle / White Racket / Tripod / The Bench) and Ioana Ciocan’s “Blue Heart”.

AUTHORS love music: Tanănana atmosphere

The fair has its own rhythm given by the vibrations of the participants and encouraged by a playlist especially created by our friends at Radio Tanănana.

AUTHORS love print: Autor Magazine #2 – The Loving Issue.

Launched in 2013 at the 10th edition of AUTOR fair, AUTOR Magazine is a specialised jewelry magazine that explores subjects related to contemporary art jewelry. The first contemporary jewelry magazine in Romania, and the only title in South-Eastern Europe, AUTOR Magazine is a facilitator that promotes contemporary jewelry designers. It is an independent and audacious project, one of only three of this kind in Europe.

Visit and read the interviews we made with the designers and the jury that selected the pieces for this edition of the fair.

Fair program:

Saturday, November 7th 11:00 – 20:00 & Sunday, November 8th 11:00 – 20:00

Adress: Sala Dalles // Strada Nicolae Bălcescu, nr. 18, București

Entry: 10 lei

The International Jewelry Fair AUTOR is the most important event in this field in South- Eastern Europe. The biannual event aims to create a dynamic environment with high selection standards. The participants to the fair are offered access to an exquisite and attractive clientele. AUTOR is an active platform that encourages and creates a dialogue between designers and their public: consumers, collectors, galleries, distributors, specialized media.

Partners: ELLE, MNAC, Zeppelin, Igloo, The Institute, Modernism,,, Designist, Visuell, W by World Class, Veioza Arte, ArtWe, ArtClue, IQAds, Sub25, RFI, Radio Tanănana,, The Jewellery Activist.

Supported by: Holver, Caparol & Brigada de Voluntari. /