Careful attitude towards the small things

Exhibition: "Careful attitude towards the small things"

Participants: Ramin Mazur, Dorin Goian, Anton Poleakov, Alisa Samovarova, Natalia Ciobanu, Tatiana Fiodorova, Eugeniu Sclifos, Elena Perevalova Melnic, Valeria Barbas, Mihai Moldovanu, Dan Guțu.

A photograph in contemporary world – does it still matter? Everything has already been photographed, shared on the internet, we have seen far away places, conflicts zones, intimate situations – we have seen everything. However, we still take pictures. Does photography still matter? Do we still need documentary photography? What is documentary photography? – this is the question we asked ourselves during Sputnik Photos workshop in Chisinau, April 2014. Can we show anything new through pictures? A group of talented photographers prove that documentary photography still matters. They don’t go to Africa to photograph wildlife or historical events.

They show reality surrounding them. They make personal records of things that are important. They show what is tragic and upsetting, they also show things that are nice and amusing. Empty flats, depopulation, unemployment. We are all aware of these issues but we haven’t seen a lot of them in photographs. Here, we have access to real people and their lives through photographers’ lenses. We have access to everyday dramas (as political and economical problems) and pleasures (like holidays in old resorts).

Even though we know this things exist we want to see more. Important things about this photography is not only the subject but also the specific point of view. Photographers tend to be objective but fortunately there is still a lot of them in their photo-essays. We can observe Moldova through their sensitivity to other people’s pain and also through their sense of observation of small things, daily life – and their sense of humour. I hope we will see more of this and we will see development of documentary photography in Moldova, thanks to young, ambitious photographers working in this filed.

curator Agnieszka Rayss, Fiodorova Tatiana

Agnieszka Rayss is a Polish photographer, one of the founders of the Association of Photographers from Central and Eastern Europe

Tatiana Fiodorova Moldavian media artist, curator

The exhibition is organized by NGO Art Platforma

The exhibition is the result of the international project SPEAKING IN A LOAD VOICE, training and networking of emerging photographers and journalists in EAP

opening: 19 June, 20.00 at Tipografie 5. Adress: 45 V. Parcalab str., 2012 Chisinau

entrance fee: 15 lei