Cărturesti Carusel, Bucharest: INSOLENT PRACTICES. LEA RAZOVSKY

Curator: Silviu Pădurariu, Unrest/Bucharest.
23rd of of September – 18th of October, 2015
@Cărturesti Carusel (55 Lipscani St.), Monday – Sunday, 10am – 12pm.
Opening: on Wednesday, 23rd of September, starting 7pm.
Upon the taming of one’s mentality by a never-ending sum of old laws that had since been rewritten
Do stop thinking, laughing and stop being such an activist,
Don’t destroy things, stop playing and cursing,
Don’t howl, don’t dream and don’t complicate things even more…
Your ego instinctively enacts your insolence. Your features are the first territory becoming deformed under the pressure exerted by this emotional anarchy.
Starting from 2010 onwards – or even earlier, during the noughties’, given this period’s increasingly relevant niches – Romania’s contemporary artists begin to acquire a host of new art forms. Nowadays, sound, visuals, graffiti, illustrations, design, image manipulation, found objects, installations and ready-made approaches have all become second nature to the younger generations.

Lea Razovsky has circumscribed many of these media techniques by synthesising a raw if neurotic visual construct whose cynical and ironical content critiques the locally imbedded icons and symbols of the periphery. The “manele” artists, the TV stars, the local VIPs and divas, the prevailing religious superstitions, the social paranoia and the pathologies arising as a result of overdosing on imported turbo-pop-folk muzak are part and parcel of a peripheral discourse articulated in a globalised lingo. The anarchism inherent in this new form of uninhibited and liberated realism, which is poised to overturn and dismember the existing social, political and cultural establishment, reflects a new type of insolence and nonconformity being deemed necessary to enable a clean break with the old, solemn, sacred and calcified mentalities.

Following from her first exhibitions, Lea Razovsky has since shaped herself an identity that goes against the prevailing grain in its dealing with taboo subjects that are being viewed from a ‘decent’ (sic!), overtly intellectualist perspective, that is taken straight out of the everyday life. She appeals to a social content where the morbid, the burlesque and the ludic are all wrapped around the migraines of a world steeped in its own peripheral ideologies.

While her artistic practices implement the means of expression in their classical form, they are also a means of conceptualizing and exorcising some of our contemporary social phobias and angst. We are not witnessing here some superficial homage being paid to the post-pop international aesthetics; rather, it is a thorough self-analysis being achieved through empathising with the local viruses. Underlying social and cultural deviances that serve to marginalise and hybridize the individual become the portraits of immoral, frightening, mutilated and thoroughly unbalanced entities. The mirrors show the grimaces, the flaws and the limitations of our inner masks thus creating the premises for a most serious dialogue on self-irony.

Curator: Silviu Pădurariu, Unrest/Bucharest
Lea Rasovszky (b.1986 in Bucharest, Romania) graduated the National University of Arts, Bucharest. She lives and works in Bucharest.
Her projects highlight the stereotypes and values of the society towards which she has a critical view.
Selected solo shows: From Stars to Steroids: Two Short Stories About an Almost Metaphoric Bestiary, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest (2014); Art on Display, Bucharest, with the project Home Is Where My Tired Eyes Meet the Starry Night, window display, Calea Victoriei (2014), Mentors, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest; The Savages, Atelier 35, Bucharest (2012), MEN, Atelier 35, Bucharest; Sorrow, Heartache, Recovery & Shit, ALERT Studio, Bucharest (2011), Wallpaper Drawings, 26 Gallery, Bucharest (2009).
Selected group exhibitions: PALE BLUE DOT, Lateral ArtSpace, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj; PASAJ, The National Museum of Contemporary Art – Anexa, Bucharest (2014), Spazi Aperti, 10th Edition, Romanian Academy in Rome, Rome, IT (2013), Inside Insights Aiurart Contemporary Art Space in Bucharest, 2013, The Biennial of Young Artists, 5th edition, Overlapping Biennial, Bucharest (2012), Preview Berlin – the Emerging Arts Fair, 11th edition, Berlin, DE; Fresh Drawings, LC Foundation – Contemporary Art Center, Bucharest (2011). International residences: Artist Residence Herzliya via ICR Tel Aviv, Herzliya (2011), Schafhof – Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern, Freising (2008).