Design District: Alternatives Spaces in Warsaw

There’s something about Warsaw. Over the last few years, the capital of Poland has been on the rise and is now steadily establishing itself as the stylish cultural capital of Eastern Europe. From the up-and-coming vibrant city life to the hip art scene, Warsaw is a fascinating city, a definite must-see for everyone who wants to get a better grasp of the Central and Eastern part of the continent. Let’s spend a day discovering one of the newest additions to Warsaw’s cultural map, Soho Factory.

What better way is there to enjoy a relaxing morning in a new city than by savouring an excellent coffee in a hip location. Take the time to make your way to Kofi Brand, a local roaster, before delving into the art&design locations in the neighbourhood.


A post-industrial site, Soho Factory has had a complete makeover with galleries, designer shops, restaurants and more. Taking inspiration from the vibrant life of New York’s SoHo, Polish entrepreneur Rafael Bauer revitalized decaying Praga neighbourhood, bringing life to old factories and turning them into creative spaces.

The first stop is the unique Neon Museum, which perfectly reflects the spirit of Soho. The museum brings back the spirit of Cold War Poland through fascinating neon signs that used to be found across the country back in the days of communism. On top of their historical significance, the signs have a great artistic value having been designed by famous artists and designers of those times. The largest collection of such electro-graphic symbols in Europe can be found here – a truly ingenious way of keeping history alive.


A journey through history and design is only one of the many things that this neighbourhood has to offer. For lunch, go for a culinary experience. Make your way to Warszawa Wschodnia and try out modern takes on Polish cuisine classics. The restaurant is housed in a renovated train station building, adding character to the entire eating experience.


The street art scene is gaining momentum in Warsaw and more and more incredible murals pop up around the city. Take the afternoon to walk around Soho and see it for yourself. The captivating castle mural on Mińska street or the colourful designs on Brzeska street speak for themselves and they will surely make you stop for a while and just admire them.



End the day with a special place that seeks to make non-commercial projects available and visible to as many people as possible: Galeria W-Z. Located in a historical building in the heart of Warsaw, the gallery is an open space for artistic and social projects – a great way of rounding off a day dedicated to culture and unique projects in the capital of Poland.


Soho Factory has brought new energy to art and culture scene in Warsaw – mark it on your list of places to discover!