24. 6. – 10. 10. 2016

When the first Olympic Games took place in Athens 120 years ago, their founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, inspired by the tradition of the ancient Olympic Games, wanted to include not only athletic disciplines, but to combine sport and art. The seven Olympics between the years 1912 and 1948 even had art contests in which artists “competed” in the categories of architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture.

While sport has been an inspiration since ancient times, only in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries did it become a phenomenon to which an entire number of important artists have devoted their work, starting with Kamil Lhoták, Bohumír Matal, continuing with Jiří Kolář, and including present-day artists such as Michael Rittstein, Jaroslav Róna, František Skála, or Krištof Kintera.

Covering an area of 1230 m2, the ALL HAIL SPORT! exhibition presents sports-related paintings, sculptures, installations, collages, and drawings by sixty Czech artists from 1945 until the present day, featuring both well-known and lesser-known names.

The exhibition will coincide with the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with the support of the Czech Olympic Committee.

The project is loosely inspired by the book Sport je umění [Sport Is Art] by Petr Volf.

Curators: Petr Volf, Leoš Válka