Galateca, Bucharest: (EROS)ION

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(EROS)ION is a visual representation of the continuous disintegration process that all matter goes through. The objects chosen to illustrate this are human scale porcelain hearts. Ioana Sisea paints, cuts and breaks these hearts recreating a reversed process, from effect to cause, from exterior to interior. We can see the marks left on the ceramic surface and then we can try to understand the event that caused it. The surface becomes a recording, an imprint of emotions and experiences; it becomes a “black box” of an organism.

This project continues a series of shows – “Bleeding Gold” and ‘Disimulare’ – in which the artist is interested to discover what goes on behind the social façade; she wants to uncover and translate the extraordinary and the ordinary experiences into scars and marks.

The ceramic pieces have a history of their own written in scars, this resembles our inner surface that has not been left untouched by life either.


GALATECA is a project created by artists, designers, architects, curators and communication specialists set out to develop exhibitions of applied arts, new multimedia art, a gallery shop that is a total novelty for the market and multidisciplinary cultural experiences, where one could get in touch with contemporary art and amazing personalities. A developing project, Galateca Gallery set out to showcase national and international design projects and original contemporary art, aiming to create valuable exhibitions of applied and multimedia art.

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