afis DADA Brancusi 2016 web

On Friday, 26th February 2016 at 7pm, Galateca Gallery (C.A. Rosetti no. 2-4 in Bucharest) together with National Literature Museum in Bucharest, Euro CulturArt Association and Neo Art România Cultural Association, with support from the Romanian Cultural Institute, invite you to the Opening of the interactive contemporary art project « DADA BRANCUSI. A (RE)READING BY DAN MIRCEA CIPARIU & MIHAI ZGONDOIU.

Created by contemporary artist Mihai Zgondoiu and writer Dan Mircea Cipariu in the context of the celebration of 100 years since DADA movement was born (Cabaret Voltaire is founded on February the 5th 1916 ) and 140 years since the birth of Constantin Brâncuși (February the 19th 1876), this experimental project seeks a (re)reading of some of Constantin Brâncuși iconic quotes, works and vision through a DADA-ist filter. The quotations of Brâncuși have been selected from the anthology written by Doina Lemny (researcher at Centre Pompidou) and art history professor Cristian-Robert Velescu and will be used to create DADA poem-collages by the visitors of the exhibition. The concept of the exhibition also includes several works by Mihai Zgondoiu (objects, photography, video-art) and seven picto-poems signed by Dan Mircea Cipariu and Mihai Zgondoiu. The program will include a conference related to Romanian and international avant-garde art held by researchers and specialists in Brâncuși and the DADA movement: university professor and art-critic Cristian-Robert Velescu, curator and editor of “Arta” magazine Igor Mocanu with special guests such as musician and poet Ioan Bogdan Stefanescu, theatre director David Esrig and academic Timothy Ship, who is also the curator of the International Dada Archive and Liaison for the Arts and Literature, Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries, and editor-in-chief of “Dada / Surrealism “.

Media partners: Agenţ, Radio România Cultural,, revista BIZ, Senso TV, TV City, ArtClue, Revista ARTA, The re:Art, revista Urmuz.

”As it is presented in the on-line media and the public space, Brâncuși’s image is more of a promotor of nationalism, a neo-“pășunist”, an artist who owes his creativity and spirituality to the Romanian spiritual and physical space. We are proposing a (re)reading of the thoughts and quotes of Brâncuși, in DADA style, style which proved to be protean and has generated new innovating ideas through its manifesto and its way of making the hazard and the subjectivisms to work with the process of creation and even ourselves. Thus, a piece of the poetic lexical and artistic subjectivism of Brâncuși is offered to those of us who are still curious and have uncertainties. This (re)reading is an innovative and different way of celebrating our great artists, without being stiffed in iconic stereotype. And thus, we rediscover Brâncuși, in accordance with his own essence and spirit, through means of superior game and artlessness (re)expressed.” Dan Mircea Cipariu said about the project.

“A (re)reading and a reinterpretation in DADA style does not banter or cast a shade upon the work of the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, who has hosted in his Parisian studio, many artists and writers from the Avant-garde, such us: Marcel Duchamp, Francisc Picabia, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Iancu. This artistic project rather emphasizes the freshness of his work and the experimentalist vocation in his creative process. This creative process is, for the most times, a mixture between hazard and contemplation, or between research and inspiration.” As Mihai Zgondoiu comments about the project.

Dan Mircea CIPARIU (b. 1972) is a graduate of the School of Journalism in Bucharest. He made his debut in 1988 in the literary press (SLAST) and his editorial debut in 1999 with the book „Hai să ne-ntâlnim pe site sâmbătă seara” (Let us meet online on Saturday night – Libra Publishing House). He is a member of the Writers’ Union of Romania (USR) and part of its Board Committee. In 2007, his book of poems “Tsunami”, (Brumar Publishing House, 2006) was awarded the Writers Guild Award. His most recent book is “singurătatea vine pe facebook” (loneliness comes on facebook – Tracus Arts Publishing House, 2012). In 2008, he initiated and coordinated the project WRITERS ON THE ROYAL ROUTE and between 2009-2015 the project POETRY MARATHON, BLUES AND JAZZ. Between 2011 – 2016, on the National Day of Culture, he initiated and coordinated the Young Writers Gala & Poetry Books Award. He is the founder and president of the Association EURO CULTURART, association which organized, among others, the 3rd edition of International Experimental Engraving Biennial in 2008. EURO CULTURART Association has a gallery dedicated to young artists – Atelier 030202 – a contemporary art space, coordinated by visual artist Mihai Zgondoiu.

Dan Mircea Cipariu is an acclaimed critic of contemporary art, with chronicles published in the journal “Art” (magazine run by the Artists Union of Romania), “Cultura”, “Luceafărul”, “Altitudini” and Agenţ He curated various national and international exhibitions with some of the most important young visual artists in Romania: Mihai Zgondoiu, Francisc Chiuariu, Cristian Răduţă, Albert Sofian, Irina Tănase, Florin Tomescu, Bogdan Raţa, Miruna Moraru, Adrian Sandu, Anamaria Şerban, Daniel Brici, Virgil Scripcariu, Aurel Tar, Adrian Alexandru Ilfoveanu, Peter Madaras and Dan Vişovan. He is the directors of directory, a virtual cultural space updated daily with art and book events.

Mihai Zgondoiu (b. 1982) is a visual artist, university assistant at UNA (National University of Arts Bucharest, Design Department), initiator and the coordinator of the Atelier 030202 Gallery – a contemporary art space in Bucharest and co-curator of geamMAT Gallery, part of the Art Museum in Timișoara (2012-2014), co-curator at Atelier în tranziție (English: Studio in transition) between 2009-2013, graphic designer at the Comedy Theatre in Bucharest (since 2005). Member of the Artists Union in Romania (since 2006).

Mihai Zgondoiu easily oscillates between experimental and traditional, approaching a wide range of styles and techniques with his artwork from drawing, collage, engraving, all the way to new media, video-installations, performance and urban art. The most recent exhibitions/solo projects are: The Artist’s Golden Hand / FivePlus Gallery – Viena, 2014 & Aiurart Gallery – Bucharest, 2013, BreakBody / the Art Museum in Timișoara, 2012, Lenin’s Sleep / Free Press Square – Bucharest, 2011, The Red Line / the National Dance Center of Dance in Bucharest, 2001, The Red Carpet / the Schlooss Museum courtyard – Linz, Austria, 2011, Freedom as Visual Pattern / Hampden Gallery – Incubator Art Space, Amherst, Massachusetts USA, 2010, Me Matrix / Calina Gallery – Timișoara, 2009, Me / Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal Museum – Sibiu, 2008.
He also participated in BB6 (Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art #6) 2014, IEEB4 (International Experimental Engraving Biennial – Mogosoaia, 2010), Now Art Now Future (The International Biennial of print – Vilnius, 2008), his artworks being part of private and state collections: Art collection „Luciano Benetton” (IT), „DFEWA” foundation in Stuttgart (DE), Herczeg Art Collection (RO), Alain Servais Collection (BE), Nasui Art Collection (RO), The Visual Art Museum, Galați (RO), the Florean Contemporary Art Museum, Baia-Mare (RO), the National Museum of Art, Satu Mare (RO).