Gallery Weekend Budapest #September 2016

Following the success of the previous years, Gallery Weekend Budapest, a festival for art galleries will arrive to its new edition in September 2016, organised by the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries and Creative Platform Contemporary Art Foundation.


The first edition of GWB has revealed to the wide public the treasures of culture that hide in inner-city apartments and behind glass shop fronts. After we managed to dispel the ’threshold anxiety’ of the visitors at the first GWB, in 2015 the City of Budapest became our supporter, as gallery weekends are, from Berlin to Vienna, important cultural events in every city which has a significant gallery scene.

On September 10-11th 2016 the time will again come for the festival that marks the start of the new season for contemporary for-profit art galleries in Budapest. As in the previous years, we are offering a great variety of programmes at 20 locations. The participating artists include one of the great classics of conceptual art Károly Halász, as well as mid-generation female conceptual artists, such as Marianne Csáky, Emese Benczúr, Ágnes Eperjesi and Estonian artist Marge Monko. GWB will feature every art movement from figurative painting (Zsolt Bodoni, Zsuzsa Moizer, István Losonczy) through abstraction (Károly Keserü) to conceptual art (Ádám Kokesch, Zsolt Tibor, Dezső Szabó, István Felsmann, Dominika Trapp). Guest artists from Eastern Europe – among them Vladimir Miladinović from Serbia, Anu Vahtra from Estonia and Klára Hosnedlová from the Czech Republic – will bring new impetus and strengthen the presence of the young generation. Various photographic traditions and generations of photographers – from János Vető to Tamás Dobos – will also be represented. In addition to the works on display at the for-profit galleries, a group exhibition will take place at Budapest Project Gallery, which is run by Budapest City Image Non-Profit Corporation (BVA).

Just like in previous years, the participating galleries are among the city’s best: acb Gallery, Art+Text Budapest, Chimera-Project, Deák Erika Gallery, Horizont Gallery INDA Gallery, Kisterem, Knoll Gallery, Molnár Ani Gallery, Gallery Neon, NextArt Gallery TRAPÉZ, Várfok Gallery, VILTIN Gallery and Vintage Gallery.