Golden Frame#8 / Adrian Preda & Moduler

Adrian Preda / live painting
Moduler / live experimental music
curator: Mihai Zgondoiu

Opening: Wednesday, July 26, 2017, from 17.00-22.00
ATELIER 030202 (Sala Nouă TC), Sfanta Vineri street 11, Bucharest /

GOLDEN FRAME 030202 is an experimental art space situated in the court of the Contemporary Art Gallery ATELIER 030202, Bucharest (The New Hall of the Comedy Theatre, 11 Sfanta Vineri Street).

GOLDEN FRAME 030202 is a 200×300 cm classic golden frame painting, installed on the wall of ATELIER 030202 Gallery. Within this framework, artists will perform by different means of visual and experimental expression.

GOLDEN FRAME 030202 aims on encouraging and supporting prominent young visual artists and contemporary music creators on the Romanian and international art market. It supports contemporary creation within the thematic fields of niche visual arts and musical and performance arts; it creates a standing cultural and innovative heritage (contemporary art works, art video-documentaries, artists interviews); it encourages engaging art practices and development of new forms of artistic expression (performances, sound and image live improvisations); it provides a valuable visual, musical and performative experience to change mindsets and to offer aesthetic plurality and cultural diversity.
The project has an engaging approach that ensures the active involvement of the public. The creative act becomes public. The creative act turns into a show!

Adrian Preda (b. 1985) lives and works in Bucharest. He graduated from the National university of Arts, Bucharest, Graphic Arts department in 2008 and he received the Master degree from the same institution in 2010. One of his main preoccupations is the relation between humans and the other species of the animal kingdom, an essential relationship that shaped the human animal, from tool use to spiritual manifestations. Also, the artist explores nature and cosmos in a wider scope, being interested in patterns of growth and evolution. These concerns have materialized in works of painting and object shown in personal and group exhibitions, in Romania and abroad, alongside participations in a art camps. Personal exhibitions (selection): On Heavenly Bodies – H’art Appendix, Bucharest (2015); Truck with Oxen – H’art Gallery, Bucharest (2012); Stint – Atelier 35, Bucharest (2011); Fashion Prey – Atelier 35, Bucharest (2009). Group exhibitions (selection): Don’t Sweat the Technique – Lateral Artspace, Cluj (2016); NAG Retrospect: Memory Leaks – ARCUB, Bucharest (2016); Artistul la 30 de ani – Arcub, Bucharest (2016); – Triumph Gallery, Moscow (2016); New Figurative – Victoria Art Center, Bucharest (2011); Figure In, Figure Out – LC Foundation, Contemporary Art Center, Bucharest (2011); : – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (2010); Don’t get mad, bro! – Point Contemporary, Bucharest (2009).

Moduler explores the connection between vibration – rhythm/ analog – digital / mechanic – organic
This project is the brainchild of Dinu Ivancu (n. 1985) sound designer and composer at Good Hands (Movie Trailer Company). Besides music Dinu was trained as an architect and has worked on various local/national or international projects from installations to festivals and even urban regeneration projects like the club/museum hybrid at IRA Campina.
As Moduler he is using various sounds and treating them as interlocking modules to describe a concept or a feeling through a controlled improvisational environment.
Sound sources could be field recordings/found sounds, synthesis and analog/digital processing, digital or acoustic instruments etc.

Program co-funded by The National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN)

Organizing: ATELIER 030202
Partners:Teatrul de Comedie, Asociaţia Euro CulturArt
Strategic partners: Asociația Brand Minds, Fundația Herczeg
Media partners:, Radio România Cultural, ArtClue, Revista ARTA,,
Revista Zeppelin, ArtWall, The re:art