alldesign 4th edition of alldesign Creative Industries and Emerging Technologies Fair & International Design Conferences will be held in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar ICEC in 2015. With its growing followers it will be held in February 19-21, 2015.
alldesign 2015 is getting prepared to bring the world of design together for the 4th time in Istanbul. In these three days while “International Design Conferences” will be hosting worldwide known local and foreign experts from various disciplines, “Creative Industries and Emerging Technologies Fair” will be introducing the latest works in the world of design and technological growths with the visitors. Both fair and conferences that are bringing different design disciplines together successfully continues to draw attention.

alldesign 2015 will create a difference again in the world of design by bringing the world class brand and people in emerging technologies to create a synergy in the areas of creativity and innovation. In our three days event, nanotechnology, ICT technologies, artificial intelligence technologies, robotics and many more of the cutting edge developments will be shared with the participants which will bring in innovative approaches to the all areas of design.
Design and Technology Leaders Will Meet at alldesign 2015
The globally known architect and urbanologist Daniel Libeskind; the famous museum architect and exposition designer Boris Micka; the world-famous fashion designer Todd Thomas; the founder of Domus Academy and Design Library, Valerio Castelli; the world-famous multidisciplinary design firm specializing in brands & environments Bruce Mau Design’s President & CEO Hunter Tura; the well-known production designer of Hollywood films Patrick Tatopoulos; founder of the Oxford University Future of Humanity and one of the most important 100 living philosophers of the 21st century, Nick Bostrom; the first woman theoretician of Transhumanism, philosopher, designer and writer Natasha Vita-More are among the speakers coming to Turkey for alldesign Creative Industries and Emerging Technologies Fair & International Design Conferences.


The participants of alldesign 2015 will, over three days, discover how the creative mind and emerging technologies affect individual and social lives, social behavior, consumption trends and lifestyles, and how design and technology shape the human future.


alldesign, conceived as an event focused on making the design functional, with the capacity to be produced, usable and diffusable in all areas of life, aims at broadening the horizon of the different sectors and being the source of inspiration for everyone.


For your information the foreign speakers of alldesign International Design Conferences’ past editions were:
Darren Aronofsky (director, producer), Ron Arad (designer, architect), George Lois (art director, advertiser, writer), Stefan Sagmeister (graphic designer), Es Devlin (stage designer), John Hardy (jewellery designer), Defne Koz & Marco Susani (industrial designers), Tina Earnshaw (make-up designer), Erdem Taylan