Hot Lagoon – Fair #2

Hot Lagoon Fair aims at reuniting a new wave of Romanian artists, designers, and illustrators. Their works of art will be exhibited and sold on prints, fanzines, T-shirts, ceramic pieces, stickers, postcards, bags, author books, and many other everyday objects. Hot Lagoon Fair makes it a point to place the highly debated and disputed logo “Made in Romania” in the context of contemporary society.

Consequently, this is the first art print fair that is promoting the new wave of creative industries, and that is inviting young

Romanian artists to participate. Thus, the project’s aim is to draw attention to how isolated the Romanian artistic product often finds itself while in competition with the mass production of goods brought about by globalization.

Since the fair has no fixed location, we wish to organize every edition in a different place, preferably one affiliated with the cultural and artistic scene. Also, in order to encourage diversity in style and views, and to offer as many artists as possible a chance to exhibit, we are aiming at inviting local artists in a rotational manner.

Sunday, August 6, 2017, from 12:00-18:00,
ATELIER 030202 (Sala Nouă TC), str. Sfânta Vineri nr. 11, Bucharest /

Partners: Teatrul de Comedie, Asociația Euro CulturArt
Media partners: Agentiadecarte.rol,,,,,

Thanks: Sorina Vazelina & Livia Falcaru for poster.

Live Stage by DJ BENi