When: September 9 – October 9, 2015
Where: Galeria “Caminul artei”, Galeria Simeza, Galeria Orizont, Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Casa Mincu, Facultatea de Arhitectura

“HUMAN AGAINST LIFE” is a project with social commitment / policy with a protesting character. Major issues are covered with this protest, pointing and accusing permanently destructive potential which unleashed against all living being, on a daily basis, as well as all its natural, social, cultural aspects.
It is also targeted the consciousness of the individual, mobilizing this way the members of society, handling down to the issue towards attitude and civic awareness, and mobilizing generations who assumes the existence of present and prepare the future in all aspects of its manifestations.
Environmental aggressions produced in recent decades by exploiting unfair and irresponsible way the resources, motivated by “false needs” (Buckminster Fuller), which emphasize incompetence, and making it responsible for drafting macro and microeconomic indifferent to natural and cultural heritage (including axiomatic systems, in philosophical, religious, art, and scientifically aspects, by enabling the excuse of generating technological development).
Handling social issues regardless the long and medium term side-effects of local policies, as well as regional and global implications of them can be also very harmful.
The right to future generations for survival in a world of media dependent incremental development, conservation of reality and its ability to respond notices are some of the themes suggested for reflection to artists.
Escalating political tensions as well as interfaith and interracial ethnic issues, by military support which systematically is disseminating terrorist acts, can be as well a serious issue. The degradation of social relations and the destruction of the natural environment require culture, with all its tooling, assuming an explicit attitude, and art with its impact force and- always proved challenging efficiency and ability to guide public opinion to impose models.
Relying on traditional media and innovative digital and physical dynamism commitments, it shall develop programs which visually will be able to impose packages of meanings, ideas, rhetoric backed up by a clear ideology and engagement.
If ideological environmentalist and antiwar movements gains support, the respect of human rights (as well the rights of animals and other species) will be taken seriously. Human and moral legitimacy of research and experiments in genetic programs, artificial multiplication of beings and biological life extension or suspension is going on everywhere, that is the reason why is necessary a consistency in our attitude, In the same time flexibility, variety and freedom of choice can be a platform for stylistic qualities.
From realism and conceptualism in various expressions, from experimental exercises and formulations to alternative artistic options, language, behavior or support in this regard for media or material are not limited. The demands is only the adherence to the project concept, as well to the on the exhibition concept, putting the accent on the artistic quality of the work. (Alexandra Titu)