International weekend: Konstantinos Berdeklis

Every letter, 100×70, oils

Dot pop, 80×60, oils

Kolaz, 62x52cm


Strawberry dream, 80×60, oils

Konstantinos Berdeklis has studied graphic arts in the Athens TEI and painting in the Surrey University of Art and Design. He has been influenced by the world of advertising and fashion and has therefore been interested in examining the female figure portrayed intact through magazine pages and presentations.

However, he doesn’t present the everyday reality. Instead, he presents an aesthetics which through the avant-garde photo shoots tries to impose itself within the boundaries of pop culture. We can assume that new aesthetics has got provocation as a weapon through pluralism and a plethora of images that act either positively or repulsively. Graphic design falls into that category too because via the internet or magazines these images diffuse to the wider public by the usage of captions, sayings, titles and smart or less smart printing. A tendency for a new depiction of forms is not new, it actually exists throughout painting’s history. Also, in paintings of Konstantinos Berdeklis we find references of great painters like Gaugain (who has been previously referred to the Egyptian and Japanese art).

These references are being used as reminders to paintings, they become unified to the works of art and actually continue to exist as a recent factor. Reality of course entails many aspects that, in contradistinction to painters like Gerhard Richter, instead of aiming at fluidity, actually make an effort to elevate their existence through stylistic art. Writing is therefore balancing itself between stylistic art and photorealism, between acute outlines and intense contrasts. It is rather giving the impression that paintings also comprise pages of a printed matter.

Recommended by Elena Andrei