International weekend: Nikolay Sardamov



Intersections by Nikolay Sardamov

This newest body of work consists of brooches, pendants, rings and earrings.  I use the circle as a basic component and put together three-dimensional forms with six different circle sizes. 

These forms are built symmetrically, starting from a center and adding and arranging the components in different angles to form clusters and layers. The resulting shape is a rigid meshwork, where the cube can be recognized as the main organizing form.

Building the forms was like a game for exploring variations. I used the same number of components to put together forms with different characteristics: pattern, density and size.

The pieces are first built up in wax and then cast in one piece in silver or gold.


 1975 Born in Sevlievo, Bulgaria


 1999 BA in fine arts pedagogy, University Sofia  2003 Summer Academy Salzburg, Erico Nagai

 2004 Summer Academy Salzburg, Johanna Dahm

 2005 MA jewellery and metal, Academy of fine arts, Sofia


 2000 Grand Prix in New Technologies Competition, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia

Solo exibitions:

2010 “3×2=Schmuck” with Z.Alexieva and D.Delchev, Gallery Mangold , Leipzig

2010 “Intersections” Sklada showroom, Sofia

2010 “Continuum” Gallery Metalab, Sydney

2010 “BI-RE- CYCLE” V&V Vitrine, Vienna

2009 “Secret garden” Testa Gallery, Sofia

2007 “New work” Gallery Jungbluth, Luxemburg

2007 “Taste” with Z.Alexieva and D.Delchev, Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop – Rauxel

2006 “Nostalgia” with Z.Alexieva and L.Ploskova, V&V Gallery, Vienna

2004 “All Roads Lead to… Glasgow” Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow

2003 “Wee treasures” V&V Vitrine, Vienna

2001 “Sweet Nothingness” V&V Vitrine, Vienna

Exhibition participations:

since 1995 Bulgaria, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal


Recommended by Elena Andrei