Japanese premiere in Bucharest: NAMAEGANAI, Kim Itoh x Zan Yamashita

Japanese premiere in Bucharest: NAMAEGANAI, Kim Itoh x Zan Yamashita

WED, October 28, 19:30
Stere Popescu Hall, National Dance Centre
[Blvd. Mărășești 80-82]


Gabriela Tudor Foundation presents the exceptional premiere in Romania of NAMAEGANAI (There is no name), a 100% Japanese dance performance, created by choreographer Zan Yamashita in collaboration with dancer Kim Itoh. The event is organised in partenership with the National Dance Centre and is presented in the frame of the Romanian-Japanese collaboration project Eastern Connection of GT Foundation.

Kim Itoh (b. 1964) and Zan Yamashita (b. 1970) are part of Japan’s current avant-garde contemporary dance scene. Both artists are influenced by the so-called “third generation of butoh” – a development of contemporary Japanese dance since the 1990s, and have been working internationally since 2000. Zan Yamashita is author of an important series of experimental pieces, with a personal style and renown for the unique way in which he works with text.

Sustained by Kim Itoh’s intense stage presence and embedded in precise choreography, NAMAEGANAI (There is no name) is a surreal universe of words and movements that gradually breach various issues in contemporary Japanese society. The piece tells the tale of a dancer, who simultaneously also works as a painter and views his life with discontent and dissatisfaction. Radiating out from the microcosm of his personal problems, the piece opens up to incorporate a larger context and the numerous problems that plague Japanese society today. 90% of the performance episodes are based on real events.

Among the most important pieces created by Zan Yamashita, one can count “The Sailors” taking place on a raft-like stage shaking under the weight of 4 performers or the trilogy including “It is written there” – “Invisible man” – “It’s just me coughing”, which explores the relationship between language and body, and with the last performance awarded “Kyoto Art Center Theatre Award” in 2004. Zan Yamashita works on regular basis with artists from different disciplines in an approach that places the tension between text and physical expression side by side. His performances were presented, among others, at Live Arts Bangkok, Kunsten Festival des Arts (Belgia), iDans International Dance Festival in Istanbul or TBA Festival (Portland). In recent years, Zan Yamashita has been also involved in several collaborative projects with foreign artists, and from 2013 has participated also to the Romanian-Japanese collaboration project Eastern Connection, which also features him now in Bucharest.

NAMAEGANAI (There is no name)
Choreographer & director: Zan Yamashita
Dancer: Kim Itoh
Technical director: Lang Craighill
Premiered at ST spot Yokohama, February 2014

Japanese text with English subtitles
Bucharest producer: Ștefania Ferchedău
Lights: Mircea Ghinea