11-18 April 2016

Calea Victoriei Bvd. 114, Bucharest


Valeriu Schiau’s work in general is representative for an interesting intersection between post-soviet culture and soviet traumatic history and post-communism. The artist was born in the Republic of Moldavia in 1969 where he studied at the Republican School of Painting for Children “Alexei Sciusev”, today the High School of Art “Igor Vieru”. He continued his studies at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, a city he is now based in.
The aspects of trauma and self-referential exorcism are part of his constant artistic discourse. Fatherhood, the tension within most private human relations, but also the observation on family trauma as social phenomenon are approached like a ritual process. Valeriu Șchiau’s work is, therefore, the result of serious observations on human deviations encouraged by abusive socio-political systems, but also a critical exercise addressed to the contemplative state of a world to which indifference is the result of psychological immunization practiced in time by the same systems for whom collective consciousness is the ideal tool for manipulation.
In 2015 Klartext in Essen published a book dedicated to his artistic activity with the support of ICR. He collaborates since 2010 with Experimental Project.
Valeriu Șchiau (b.1969 in the Republic of Moldavia) lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

ARTonDISPLAY project, initiated and organised by Ephemair Association in 2014, animates visually the city of Bucharest and transforms its appearance into a temporary art gallery, producing and presenting exhibitions and site specific installations in the shops window displays and other similar spaces with access from the main boulevards.
This approach to the urban space is a proposal for reflection on the aesthetic aspect of the city, thus forcing a dialogue with the excessive quantity of commercial advertisements which invades our daily life. The rhythm created by those artworks and artistic interventions in the city can generate a positive tension between the seductive images created by the market industry and the ones generated by the artists’ need to assert this very visible space.
ARTonDISPLAY is an assumed attempt of artistic intervention in urban public spaces that lay in the daily visual perception of Bucharest’s inhabitants, thus making with the artist’s visions a change of the content and of the message. ARTonDISPLAY is reflecting the Romanian contemporary art realities through the window of the shops displays, activating Bucharest urban spaces and signaling the never-ending issue of urban comfort in the city.

Organizer: Asociația Ephemair
Partners: Musette, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, X Design Services
Law Affairs Partner:Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații
www.artondisplay.ro / ephemair@gmail.com

(*image: Valeriu Șchiau, The Dream, curator Olivia Nițiș, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, 2013, photography by: Justin Baroncea, courtesy of Aiurart Contemporary Art Space)