Kube Musette, Bucharest: Emotion In Motion


Falling in love should be instant, like Polaroids. We love the dusty type that gently saturates fractured hills and makes fields all golden, the magic that breeds from light shaded expired solvents, the strong, cinematic texture of life caught on super speedy black and white.

There’s no such emotion in digital and anyone who at least once had the chance to revert to analog knows how printed memory will always survive hard disks, damaged phones and USB sticks that fail to connect any longer.

Romanian Polaroid Photographers was created in 2015 by photographers Ioana Cristina Casapu and Dragoș Mălăescu.

Dedicated to instant film lovers across the globe and focused on the work of Romanian instant film photographers, www.polaroids.ro speaks volumes of the magic, inspiration and storytelling this type of photography entails. The project is a work of love and a tribute to influential artists like Andy Warhol, Andrei Tarkovsky or Helmut Newton.

Instant film photographs would last in mint condition for nearly 100 years. They are the legacy of a prosperous world of artists that never ceases to reinvent itself through vanguard technologies and innovative film types.

EMOTION IN MOTION is Romanian Polaroid Photographers’ 4th exhibition and their first stand alone show in Bucharest. After debuting in 2015 in Barcelona and travelling the world, the project has gathered more and more artists together, sewing a global net of Romanian instant film photographers.

EMOTION IN MOTION means 9 Romanian artists and 3 foreign guests. They will exhibit between 15th and 22nd of August 2016 at #KubeMusette, Victoria Avenue 114, in Bucharest.

Matei Branea (www.branea.ro, Berlin), Anton Roland Laub (www.antonlaub.de, Berlin) and Ioana Cristina Casapu (http://ioanacasapu.com/), Cosmin Bumbuț (http://en.teleleu.eu/), Ina Ionescu (Derrière l’objectif de Ina Ionescu, Bucharest), Barna Nemethi (Barna Nemethi, Bucharest) and Andrei Nico (Bucharest), Horia Brebeneanu (Manchester), Irina Măgurean (Cluj-Napoca), Sven Van Driessche (www.polagraphy.be, Ghent, Belgium), Andres Aguilar Caro (www.polaroidoftheday.com, Barcelona, Spain) and Rachel Frank (www.rachelfrankphoto.com, Tucson, Arizona) are the artists who will unravel their emotion in motion for 7 days. Their work ranges from intimate introspections into the feminine universe, surreal fashion photography, illustrations on original Polaroid pictures or major political events from the 1990s.

The show benefits from an interactive design installation created by MOFT. MOFT is a design initiative that promotes relaxed attitudes and opinions about things, interiors, and architecture, delivering a usable product whether it’s a service or an object with nuances and meaning. (www.moftplus.com)

“As objects are moving through time and space, we believe that sometimes you must cease to emotion and stop, stare, maybe try to interact but do not disturb. You can see that there are prints of our passing all over.” – MOFT

The installation is produced by Parametric Fab, a fine woodworking shop that designs and produces custom furniture for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Equipped with a state of the art CNC Machine and a specialized team of craftsmen, the workshop fabricates and installs high standard Corian applications for various home and business environments. (www.parametricfab.com)

The event is supported by F64, www.f64.ro.

“The frame of a Polaroid picture is deeply reminisced by both the young generation – who finds it retro and cool – and the older generations, for whom it brings memories of holidays or parties. For photography lovers, it’s something extremely special. Either way, Polaroid will remain a symbol of democratization in photography. At F64, we are happy each time we meet nostalgics who love Polaroid, thus we gladly helped make this show come to life” – Cristina Țintă, Community & Content Specialist F64

KUBE Musette is a venue that displays and promotes authentic and raw art work, great ideas and innovation.

Opening event: August 17th, 7 PM, KUBE MUSETTE, VICTORIA AVENUE, 114, Bucharest, Romania