Kube – Musette, Bucharest: Pe negru


Opening, May 4th, 7 PM, Kube Musette Gallery

Black is endless, it is all and nothing at the same time, dispersed only by colour and separated
by the lines specific for Diana Tudose’s style. The canvas and the black paper, chosen as a
support by the artist, become obscure chambers in which her nightly reveries are developed.
Hence, the protecting spirits appear: the dog, the room of her house decorated with traditional
ornaments, symbols and segmented images, at first glance picked by accident. The viewer is
invited to analyze loosely( freely) the works of Diana Tudose, in the same way he would do to
his own dreams.

“I had the temptation to imagine shapes on a peace of black canvas. This brought to the
formation of a dialogue, with an alternation of two images, the image as an internal voice which
is supposed to respond to a weight ratio through the sombre character of the black surface as
a voice of the external image. The shapes find their real-life equivalent, but have been
synthesized to a plastic sign. A sign which has a significance only on the canvas. But as soon
as a process of communication between more signs is created, it becomes occult, a mysticism
which leads to nowhere.” Diana Tudose

About the artist
Diana Tudose is the Great Prize winner of the 2011 Chisinau International Biennial of Painting,
and in 2014 she was granted the “Teodor Moraru” scholarship during the ” Teodor Moraru”
Symposium in Romania. Right now, Diana is a candidate for a doctor’s degree at the National
University of Arts Bucharest.
Exibition curated by Ioana Mîțu