MATERIA – contemporary leather fair, Bucharest

MATERIA is beginning: an event for the leather aficionados

materia targ de design in piele

materia targ de design in piele

The first contemporary design leather fair in Romania will be launched this weekend, between the 5th and 6th of November, at Grand Hotel du Boulevard. 45 designers and Romanian brands will showcase their capsule collections and statement pieces created exclusively for MATERIA.

The first edition of the MATERIA fair will be launched with a few surprises for the public and the designers aswell, prepared by Dan Piersinaru, the fair’s organiser.

“The experience of organizing this first edition acknowledges my intuition from which all this began: leather design is necessary and should be promoted. These objects, alongside everything contemporary leather design entails, is best valued in an unitary context, and that is where MATERIA fair comes into the scene. There is an enormous potential for growth, and the designers, producers, as well as the leather industry in Romania, deserve to be approached from an angle focusing on quality and authenticity”, Dan Piersinaru has stated.

One of MATERIA’s innovation consists of the participation of one of Romania’s best known stylists, Ovidiu Buta, on the first day of the fair, on the 5th of November. He will choose from the objects of the 45 participating designers and integrate them into the category “Ovidiu Buta Recommends”.

MATERIA aims to encourage young designers, therefore, alongside the Diploma festival, it is offering young graduate the chance to exhibit their collection in front of thousands of visitors. Alexandru Florea, graduate of the University of the Arts in Iasi, has received the MATERIA prize, and his clothing collection “Dni-powstania” can be seen and bought during the two days of the fair. Alexandru Florea will have the oportunity to join the designer community and learn from the best.

Visitors have the chance to vote for their favourite MATERIA designer, thus entering into the Fair raffle, with a chance to win an object created by the designer they voted for.

Designers participating in Materia are Mihaela Glăvan, Otilia Flonta, Matei Corvin, Alexandra Abraham, Yvy Bags, Paul Christian, Atribut, Bogdan Deliu, Iutta, Laura Olaru, Snob, Lemnia, Moon by Dana Rogoz, Adina Grapa, Le Dot, Ana Marchetanu, Ana Niculae, Andra Oprea, Atelier437, Atelierele hărniciei, DIA by Diana Groza, Giuka, Jules by Julia S, Lady Magpie, Le Xa, LIA, Luwa, Oana Lupaș, Oana Vasiloiu, Sebastian Roncea, Simina Filat, Sophie Handbags by Andra Paduraru, Ana Kaloni, Lucienne, Millisimo, Papucei & Verogia.

Created and supported by Autor, Materia is the first contemporary leather design fair and it’s aiming to become for the world of leather creators what Autor has been for contemporary jewelery: a platform dedicated to designers and creators working with leather, or that use leather as their main object of creation. Materia is an independent event, self-standing, which takes place in the autumn, and participation is based on prior selection.