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Mihail Cosuletu | Sites
Curator: Simona Vilau
14th of October – 21st of January
Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | 21 Lirei St., Bucharest
Opening: Wednesday, 4th of October, starting 7 pm. See: Facebook event

The scarring and the damage that cities suffer continuously, from the earliest times, but apparently more aggressive in our days, are countered by Mihai Cosuletu’s archetypal dwellings, deprived of humans, which cannot be transformed by anyone else other than their author. This creator lapses into idealism and enjoys complete freedom over the setting and scenario. For his buildings, he can opt for any length, settle for dimensions according to the intended scope or toy with the elevation at will.

The unanswered mystery of his visual riddles is still there. Who are these mental structures intended for? Do they serve a moral point, of abolishing all the concepts of ownership and possession that we work with? Are these urban planning lessons? Anecdotes? Are they a protest against estate sharks, are they a means of saving historical buildings? Can the paintings be more than an ideal setting for home life or for the existence of the institutions that promote it? Are these vedute doors towards forgetfulness, towards catharsis?

When you see a good painting, you wager all of your lifetime’s interpretations. When you see an excellent one, you’ve forgotten everything.