Curator: Horea Avram
Artists: Alexandru Antik (RO), Gary Hill (US), Kinema Ikon (RO), Mihaela Kavdanska (RO/BG/AT),Yann Le Guennec (FR), Klaus Obermaier (AT), Pipilotti Rist (CH), Dilma Yordanova (RO/BG)
27.04.2017 – 08.10.2017
2nd floor

Error 404. Territories of Absence is a research exhibition that takes its title from the message received by internet users when trying to access a broken website or a corrupted page link. The “error” is seen here rather in a metaphorical sense, indicating the absence of a functional and communicational space, of information itself. The artworks included in this project deal with the idea of error, blur, glitch and absence equally in a concrete way (technical, formal, visual) and in a conceptual sense, pointing to the (im)possibility of representation, communication and bodily interaction at the border between real and virtual. (Horea Avram)
MNAC Coordinator: Adriana Oprea
Partner: ElektroArts Association
Winner of the MNAC Call for projects 2014

*Image credit: Klaus Obermaier, FACELESS (2017),  performance still.