ONE DANCE WEEK (former Sofia Dance Week) is a festival for contemporary dance and performance. The festival started in 2008 as the only forum in the country entirely devoted to contemporary dance – one of the most rapidly developing genres in contemporary art that knows no boundaries between techniques, art forms and aesthetics, that turns rules and roles upside down and makes the impossible possible – which is what constitutes its bold and attractive gesture.

Over the past seven years, the festival presented some of the most intriguing phenomena in the sphere of contemporary dance practices, which show different dance trends and demonstrate the differences and the variety of ideas for dance in the globalized world. In 2014 for the first time the festival was held in Plovdiv as to support the candidature of the city for European Capital of Culture 2019 which is now a fact.

Between 17 October and 1 November this year Plovdiv welcomes international artists who are shaping the directions of contemporary dance and performance today. The eighth edition of ONE DANCE WEEK places the audience in the turbulent zone of intersecting artistic approaches and viewpoints.

The selection includes some of the most interesting dance companies and choreographers of our time. This variety of dance practices illustrates the diversity of the discipline. The main line in this year’s selection follows the revolt of contemporary dance against normality, status quo, established models of living, thinking, behavior and perception of the world in a political and aesthetic way. Everything that we believe in and accept as normal should be exposed and reconsidered. The power of contemporary dance lies in its critical reflection towards the comfortable world over 1000 times worldwide.