Picto-rama zilei: Vessna Perunovich



Vessna Perunovich is a visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She who was born in 1960 in Zaječar, Serbia, FPR Yugoslavia.

Vessna Perunovich works in a variety of media including sculpture, painting, drawing, video installation and performance. Her aim seems to be an attempt to express the most with the least amount of materials. She often uses pantyhose to create sculptural pieces. "Pantyhose for Perunovich is emblematic of society’s efforts to contain and restrict our freedom, symbolizing the behavioral codes imposed upon us which prevent us from realizing our dreams and aspirations. She utilizes her materials and converts them into imaginative depictions of the body, while exploring the conflicting boundaries of pleasure and pain. Perunovich filled pantyhose with everyday objects to stretch the material to test its physical limits.