Plovdiv, Bulgaria: One Design Week


The topic of ONE DESIGN WEEK (June 19 – 28, Plovdiv) festival’s seventh edition is Digital One. The theme will be explored in the central exhibition of the festival Being Post-Digital, which is curated by René Beekman.


The Being Post-Digital exhibition shows a selection of works by artists from Bulgaria and abroad in which digital technologies play the most important part and breathe life into the works themselves. The featured projects combine various artistic fields, such as contemporary art, design, fashion and photography, which illustrate the interdisciplinary artistic approach of the 21st century. The topic about the post-digital era is accompanied by various special events that are part of the festival program.


By tradition, ONE DESIGN WEEK 2015 will introduce the newest tendencies in the spheres of design and visual culture in Bulgaria and abroad, and present them in various exhibitions, lectures, workshops, screenings, parties, public interventions and a diverse kid’s program. We stay true to our idea of showing the projects of Bulgarian artists. At the same time, we also try to be ever more actively collaborating with young professionals who are just starting their career. We continue to be a platform for encounters and facilitate the collaboration between Bulgarian and foreign designers, artists, and cultural events organizers.


ONE DESIGN WEEK 2015 seeks to include representatives of different social communities. This is done together with EDNO’s ambition to be the initiator of effective socially oriented projects.


ONE DESIGN WEEK is an international festival for design and visual culture. It takes place every June. It features a professional forum with prominent speakers from all over the world, as well as an extensive program of open events aimed at the broader audience – exhibitions, workshops, discussions, talks, screenings, parties, book openings, events for children, etc.