Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw: These Things Now


At Paweł Kowalewski’s “These Things Now” we present works that are three decades old, that are huge paintings on paper quoting Book of Psalms, that make series of “Six evidences for Jesus Christ’s nonexistence”, and a picture of Hitler opening the Entartete Kunst exhibition. All of them are “these things”, nasty subjects of high importance. Thirty years ago, in their time, they were the reaction to the communist reality in Poland. Now, these things did not change their essence, character and wit. Although dusty, still shine with freshness and relevance.

These things now:
“Trust in the Lord, and Do Good. Dwell in the Land, and Feed on His Faithfulness”
“The Wicked Plot Against the Righteous and Gnash Their Teeth at Them
“I Have Seen a Wicked and Ruthless Man Flourishing Like a Luxuriant Native Tree
“Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen”
“Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels Are Opening the Entartete Kunst Exhibition in Munich”
“The Sandal Strap Unbound by John”
“The Food Not Eaten by Jair’s Daughter”
“The Right Ear of the High Priest’s Slave”
“The Cereal Ear Not Eaten in the Time of Shabbat”
“The Stone, Which Becomes the Bread”
“Money, Which Soldiers Collected More Than They Were Required to”

Exhibition lasts till 02.04.2016.