Raster Gallery, Warsaw: Villa Toronto


Villa Toronto is the most recent in a series of inter­national gal­lery meetings initiated by Raster. This year, presented in association with Art Metropole, it brings local and international art galleries together in the Great Hall of Union Station. Accompanying this central exhibition, in cooperation with local art organizations, will be a series of special events throughout the city. The one-week program is free and open to the public, featuring among others performances of Michael Snow and Ragnar Kjartansson. Click here for more info.


During Villa Raster will present Michał Budny who will develop site specific instal­lation at Union Station and Aneta Grzeszykow­ska with her piece “CLOCK”. A selec­tion of Raster publications will be also available at the Union Station.


Villa Toronto is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Cul­ture and National Heritage, City of Warsaw, Toronto Arts Coun­cil and the Con­sulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto. In part­ner­ship with the Con­sulate General of France. Villa Toronto is also sup­por­ted by Osming­ton Inc., British Coun­cil, Goethe Institut, Gal­lery Express, The Drake Hotel, Won­dereur, SOCAN Foun­dation, Canadian Art, C Magazine.