RERE. Overriding Design with Art and Vice-Versa @Vienna Design Week

RERE. Overriding Design with Art and Vice-Versa


Curators: Roxana Gibescu & Mihai Zgondoiu  

This exhibition was conceived for the 10th anniversary edition of Vienna Design Week (30.09-9.10.2016), at the invitation of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, which is one of the festival’s program partners.    Curatorial statement:   The project focuses on several endeavours by Romanian designers and artists that seek a transgression from art to design and vice-versa. Overcoming the boundaries of the two disciplines, the results of their practices do not trigger a contradiction, as these overlaps offer a certain fluidity of potential for re-thinking, re-framing and re-contextualising our visual culture. Either it’s a designer turned artist or an artist turned designer, the niche items they create are on the fringes of each discipline, playing on the notions of experimentations, new technologies and utopian design.   Art and Design have the same origin, but if design (perceived as “applied”) tends not to take on philosophical grounds, art (perceived as “useless”) delves into the critical in every case. Their intersection produces nothing less than relevant, rigorous, meaningful and visionary objects, which are aesthetically inherited from the ready-mades of Marcel Duchamp. Furthermore, central to “ReRe” is a specific problem that artists and designers alike try to resolve: a personal, and at times disturbing, problem.

Roxana Gibescu is a curator of contemporary art and design exhibitions. In 2015 she curated the exhibition Untamed Skin, an exhibition awarded within London Fashion Week – International Fashion Showcase at all three cathegories: Best Curator, Best Country Exhibition and Best Designer. Since 2013 she enrolled for a PhD at the Centre for Excellence in the Study of Image (University of Bucharest), with the subject “Romanian memory in the work of Romanian artists in Paris: André Cadere, Lizica Codreanu, Dumitru Țepeneag”, for which she did a research in 2015 at the Doctoral School of Paris Sorbonne 1. From 2010 to 2012 she was project coordinator at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and from 2013 she curates contemporary art exhibitions, the most recent of which was the exhibition André Cadere. Conceptual documents 1972-1978, presented at Triade Foundation in Timisoara, part of the biennial Timisoara Art Encounters. Between 2013-2016 she curated art and design exhibitions at Galateca Multidisciplinary Gallery and since February 2016 she works at the polycentric contemporary art organization, (the Bucharest Branch).  

 Mihai Zgondoiu is a visual artist, university assistant at UNA (National University of Arts Bucharest, Design Department), initiator and the coordinator of the Atelier 030202 Gallery – a contemporary art space in Bucharest and co-curator of geamMAT Gallery, part of the Art Museum in Timișoara (2012-2014), co-curator at Atelier în tranziție (English: Studio in transition) between 2009-2013, graphic designer at the Comedy Theatre in Bucharest (since 2005). Member of the Artists Union in Romania (since 2006).

 Mihai Zgondoiu easily oscillates between experimental and traditional, approaching a wide range of styles and techniques with his artwork from drawing, collage, engraving, all the way to new media, video-installations, performance and urban art. The most recent exhibitions | solo projects are: DADA BRANCUSI. A (re)reading by Dan Mircea Cipariu & Mihai Zgondoiu, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, 2016 | The Artist’s Golden Hand, FivePlus Gallery, Viena, 2014 & Aiurart Gallery, Bucharest, 2013 | BreakBody, the Art Museum in Timișoara, 2012 | Lenin’s Sleep, Free Press Square – Bucharest, 2011, | The Red Line, the National Dance Center of Dance in Bucharest, 2001 | The Red Carpet, the Schlooss Museum courtyard, Linz, Austria, 2011 | Freedom as Visual Pattern, Hampden Gallery,  Incubator Art Space, Amherst, Massachusetts USA, 2010 | Me Matrix, Calina Gallery, Timișoara, 2009 | Me, Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, 2008. He also participated in BB6 (Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art #6) 2014, IEEB4 (International Experimental Engraving Biennial – Mogosoaia, 2010), Now Art Now Future (The International Biennial of print – Vilnius, 2008).   Artists:

Vlad Berte 

Dairy Products, 2012, lifesize objects, acrylic paint

“The work is part of a series resulting from the desire to achieve a tangible and restyled image of the cold, but totally enjoyable packaged ice-cream.An unperishable monument of Ice-cream that can not be consumed physically, but only visually.” (Vlad Berte)

Associate Professor PhD at the Sculpture Dept. – University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Lives and works in Cluj, Romania

Solo exhibitions: 2016 – Solo Show, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest, Romania  |  2013 – The Look of Happiness, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest, Romania  |  2012 – Clone Vector, “geamMAT” Gallery, the Art Museum of Timisoara, Romania  | 2012 – The Look of Happiness, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania  |  2010 – I want to be a Man, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Group exhibitions: 2015 – 2016 – Eastern Promises, Chapter 2, Lisbon, Portugal  |  2015 – Art Encounters Biennial #1, Timisoara, Romania  |  2011 – Mailto-Drift, Station Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Cătălin Burcea

The Support, 2011, Wood crutch / Steel wheel, 123 x 21 x 4,5 cm, EDITION: 1 of 1 |

 “Concept is, indeed, the prime material for Burcea’s art. But, instead of the dematerialization of object and the predominance of the linguistic message, he proposes to re-inscribe the object into the significant order, to redefine it, to re-empower its sense and image.” (Horea Avram)

Cătălin Burcea graduated his MFA from the University of The Arts Bucharest. He is also  the Co-founder and Project Coordinator of ALERT studio (White Code). He is mainly preoccupied by the – sometimes hardly detectable – dynamics of the systems and methods of manipulation, especially those in the political realm. He is following attentively the exposure, the disponibility and permeability of the “target audience” to these practices.

Selected exhibitions: 2016 – “I’m Feeling Better Day by Day!” – Calina Gallery – Timisoara   | 2016 – “MonuMental Histories” – ARCUB Gabroveni – Bucharest  |  2015 – “Two Rooms or Another Kind of Palsy” – Alert Studio – Bucharest |  2014 – “Multo Post Futurum” – New Energies (Focus Romania) – VIENNAFAIR – Vienna  |  2014 – 1’45” / “A great future behind us” – Contemporary Art Ruhr – (C.A.R. 2014) Essen, Germania  |  2014 – “A FEW GRAMS OF RED, YELLOW, BLUE” – Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle – Warsaw | 2011 – “East by South West” – (curated by_vienna) – Knoll Gallery – Vienna.

Ciprian Ciuclea

A Response to a Perfect Situation, 2015

Ciprian Ciuclea is a visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania. He is interested in site-specific projects that focus mainly on conceptual aspects of reception. He develops complex installations involving light, sound and video. The themes explored, often using his personal face and body as an instrument, are related to social aspects of communication and message interpretation, contemplation and surveillance, usually placed in relationship with scientific aspects of human existence. He performed and exhibited worldwide including Saitama Modern Art Museum, Japan; Engramme, Quebec, Canada; Platforma MNAC, Bucharest, Romania; Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, Romania; D. Manuel Palace, Evora, Portugal; Cuenca, Spain and alternative spaces. He is also the President of Experimental Project and Director of IEEB (International Experimental Engraving Biennial).

 Solo shows (Selection):  (2015) A Response to a Perfect Situation, Alert Studio, Bucharest, Romania. (video & sound installation)  |  (2014) Open Interval, Aiurart – Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest, Romania. (video & sound installation)  |  (2011) Apparent Silence, D. Manuel Palace, Evora, Portugal. (video & light installation).

 Arantxa Etcheverria

TABURET, 2013, 45 x 30 x 150 cm, Wood

 “The chair was taken from my studio and to it I added a wooden frame in equilibrium. The frame structure is like a small door to another level of conscienceness and the ensemble is a modest tribute to conceptual art”. (Arantxa Etcheverria)

 She was born in France and has been living in Romania since 2006. She studied visual art at Villa Arson in Nice, scenography and costumes at the National Theatre of Strasbourg. Selected exhibitions: 2016 – Three Versions For Something Coming, Victoria Art Centre Gallery, Bucharest  |  2015 – “Video Zoom Romania”, Museo di Roma, curator Marius Tanasescu, Rome  |  2015 – Art Encounters, Baril Gallery, Timisoara |  2014 – Artissima, International Art Fair, Baril Gallery, Torino. “Guido Carbone Prize” for New entries  |  2014 – “Traces”, Baril Gallery, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj |  2014 – “Anatomy”, Alert Studio, Bucharest |  2014 – BB6 (Bucharest International Biennal for Contemporary Art), curator Gergo Horvath, Bucharest  | 2014 – “Corner”, Calina Gallery, curator Liviana Dan, Timisoara  |  2013 – “Studio/Structures”, Anexa MNAC (the National Contemporary Art Museum), curator Ruxandra Balaci, Bucharest.

 Cosmin Haiaș

1.Romantic Ax, 2015, 80x15cm, |

 “And as an infinite loop, each idea breaks into two or three ideas, sometimes I manage to tame one, I can get close to it and convince it to work together so then we can show ourselves to the world. I think that when I’m looking back at my works,  I want to see a scratchy, wrinkled interesting road.” (Cosmin Haiaș)

2. Make Like not Work, 30x15x17cm

“In this work I am updating a slogan associated with anti-war movements in the 1960s – “make love not war”. Replacing the word “love” (now rather unfashionable) with the contemporary and virtual Facebook “like” and replacing the word “war” with “work” reflects this idea of our generation of a ideal life, which is plentiful, but without any effort or personal contribution.” (Cosmin Haiaș)

Born in Oradea, lives and works in Timisoara, Romania. He studied painting and European Cultural Policies at the Faculty of Art and Design in Timisoara, having previously studied Industrial Automatization at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara. Solo exhibitions:  2010 – State of anxiety – Calina Gallery, Timișoara  |  2013 – NNN No News Newsletter, Make a Point, București    |    2016 – Tools for a better world – Aiurart București. Group exhibitions: 2016 – Dada games – Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin   |   2015 – Vanitas – Multimedia Visual Art Center, București | 2015 – Men against life – Arts in Bucharest   |   2015 – Art Encounters – Becoming connected, Avanpost Group – Revolution  Memorial Museum, Timișoara  |   2013 – Imago Mundi – Benetton Foundation Project | 2012 – In the middle of things – Art Museum – Cluj Napoca.

 Adelina Ivan

Atena Adjusting her Sandal, 2016, Installation

“Adelina Ivan’s installation delimits an immersive demarche into a universe of feminine dreams, school uniforms and girlhood pathos.” (Georgiana Cojocaru)

 Adelina Ivan is a visual artist who works with light and memory through textiles, photography, installation and video. She has a BA in Art&Design within the National University of Arts Bucharest. Her personal discourse explores the overlap of time, space and memory, their winding and intimate interactions. Just like the fabrics used in her works, time space and memory fold and unfold into sleek silky surfaces and solid depths. Scanning between fictional stories, personal memories and historical fact, Adelina Ivan weaves disparate narratives into a complex relationship.  Her practice examines the reflection of light on different textures, structures and geometries in an artistic strife to disclose the making and unmaking of matter, the flow and immobility of time and the deconstructing potentiality of matter. Also, Adelina is an established Romanian fashion designer,  having founded her eponymous label in 2008.

Cosmin Paulescu

Ping Pong (Romanian Map), 30 x 40 x 8 cm, 2015

 Cosmin Paulescu is an artist and Dean at the Art University in Bucharest – Design and Decorative Arts Department.

 Exhibitions (selection): 2015 –  “Local Kombat” 26 martie-21 aprilie, la Galeria Galateca din București  |  2013 – Der Mensch. Der Fluss. Malerei der Donaulander. Ulm Germania  |  2012 – Der Mensch. Der Fluss. Malerei der Donaulander. Bratislava, Slovacia, Pecs, Ungaria, Osijec, Croatia, Novisad, Serbia, Sofia Bulgaria, Tulcea România  | 2011- Der Mensch. Der Fluss. Malerei der Donaulander, Landratsamt Schwarzwald – Baar-Kreis, Villingen-Scwenningen, Germania   |   2008 – “Traces : Romanian  Contemporary Art “ Selby Gallery – Sarasota,Florida- SUA, “Robert Else Gallery – Sacramento, California- SUA,  CIAC Pont Aven – Franţa  |  1999 – “Durers Erbe an der Bukarester  Kunst Academie” Gallerie im Altstadthof – Nurnberg  |   1998 – “3 Months Amsterdam” Eforie Gallery – Atelier 35 Bucharest  |  1997 – “Carbon Art”, Land Art Festival, Republica Moldova  |   1996 – “Experimentalismul”, (Soros Center for Contemporary Art), Artexpo  |   1996 – “Proiect 2000”, Torino, Italy   |    1996 – “Habitat”, Istanbul, Turcia   |  1996 – “An Art”, Performance Festival, Lake Saint Ana.

 Patricia Teodorescu

Ceci n’est pas DADA, 16 x 160 cm, neon

 “Both conceptualism and Magritte’s affirmation text are rooted in DADA. Dadaism’s negation being, in fact, the concept affirmation for this project.”

(Patricia Teodorescu)

Patricia Teodorescu studied sculpture at the National Art University, Bucharest with professor Napoleon Tiron. She organized her exhibitions at the National Contemporary Museum Bucharest, Romania, at NGBK, Berlin, Germany, at Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporaine, Luxemburg, at Renaissance Society Chicago, the USA, at The Kitchen, NYC, the USA, at the Contemporary Art Centre, Konkordia, Vrsac, Serbia, at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania. In 1997 she obtained a sculpture scholarship from the Union of Professional Artists, Romania, and in 2005 she won the first prize offered by the National Centre of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania. In 2012 she is chosen the video artist of the year for Video Edition / 2012 by KulturKontakt, Viena, Austria.

IMACULATURA (concept) & VIKA TONU (jewelry)

Forget Me Not, 2013, glove, fabric, silver

 “it is a hand piece that covers the palm with a message. The message says: water, bread, chocolate, bananas, coffee. “Forget me not” is part of the Invisible Collection, a twelve pieces show split into six real objects and six invisible ones. The invisible pieces did not exist at the time of the show and were represented by a visual and verbal description. During the next two years, we started producing some of the invisible pieces as to stress the long way from thought to form and the misconnections between the initial idea and the actual concrete object.” (Imaculatura)

IMACULATURA (Anca Adina Cojocaru & Irina Constantin), founded in 2013,

PROJECTS & EXHIBITIONS: 2015, November: ÎLE FLOTTANTE, 2015  |  June: PRICK, TICKLE, POISON, exhibition at KUBE Musette art gallery, Bucharest  |  2015, May: Romanian Design Week, CRY ME A RIVER visual & audio installation  |  2015, March: CRY ME A RIVER (part of PASION POR LA NACION)  |  2014, August: WEAR YOU ALL THE TIME (part of THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION)  |  2014, June: STRICT NÉCESSAIRE  |  2014, May: Romanian Design Week, The Inner Univers 1 (part of THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION)  |  2014, April: FORGET ME NOT (part of THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION)  |  2013, December: INVISIBLE COLLECTION, exhibition Studio Arte space gallery, Bucharest.


Vika Tonu graduated the Interdisciplinary Course of Art and Design at the Huddersfield University, UK. From 2013 she specializes in jewellery, also having collage and printmaking as areas of interest.

Selection of events and exhibitions: London Fashion Week – International Fashion Showcase 2015 (Special Mention ”Best Designer” – Vika Tonu & Alexandru Nimurad – for jewellery collection ”Ensemble of Broken Pieces”), Galerie Braubachfive – Frankfurt, Designcenter de Winkelhaak – Antwerp, Galateca Gallery – Bucharest, Pelișor Castle – Sinaia, AUTOR Contemporary Jewellery Fair 2013 & 2016, Romanian Design Week,  Avanpremiere Fashion Gala 14th & 15th edition, Artefactum Premium Edition by RAWW Art Bucharest & Berlin.