Space Flow, NAG – Bucharest

The project, Space Flow, creates a dialogue between the artist, space and public. In the conext of the contemporary art scene the artists mix their own views using different means of expression: painting, mixed media, graphic, photo manipulation, video, installation, street art.
Știrbei Palace, encourages artistic and educational projects, thus becoming the visual playground for the artists.

Nicu Duță (aka KITRA) is known for his signature mark in the field of graphics making illustration, street art, graphic design and object.

Cristina Garabețanu trough the different art mediums of the contemporary art (painting, photo, installation) creates characters full of coded symbolism, part of an imaginary world.

Raisa Hagiu explores different elements of the contemporary art scene and the connections that form between them and the memory of the topological space.

HIN is a London based artist, known for his Contradiction Art by dipicting in his works political, religious and social aspects of life. His works have been shown in USA, Holland, France, Belgium, South Korea.

Diana Manole explores the erotic aspects of nudity trough painting.

Sabina Suru engages in a personal mythology about intimacy and communication.

Răzvan Năstase operates in mixed media, focusing on a minimalistic approach by using different techniques and materials.