Steinek Gallery, Vienna: MATTHIAS HERRMANN – On Photography

We are pleased to announce new works of Matthias Herrmann within his upcoming show ‘On Photography’.


On Photography


Opening: march 10th 2015, 7 p.m. 10. März 2015, 19.00 Uhr
Exhibition: march 11th – april 18th 2015


‘On Photography’ presents new works of Matthias Herrman. His new series exceed everything until now in terms of privacy.


Parts of his well-known self portraits and subjects from a period of over 20 years return in order to generate still life-like photos.
Fire is ambivalent: it can be a symbol of life as well as being a destroyer. So his new works situate themselves somewhere between life and struggle, beauty and fall, still life and vanity.


A significant photo of the exhibition proves that a single image can tell a whole story: A lonely house located in the Mojave Desert in North America which doors and windows are carefully barricaded.

The house seems to open up a quite dialogue with the viewer. It inspires our phantasy and brings up questions about the content. It allows the viewer to create his own (pre)history.
The artist book ‘PS’ from Matthias Herrmann will be published for this exhibtion. The book will be an important work of the show.

Matthias Herrmann, Conversation Piece. Old Woman Springs Road. Mojave Desert. 16.12.14 15:30 © Matthias Herrmann